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Adapted answer using part of cwa702's in depth directions: We just did this and found the previous answer (below) had unnecessary steps. There are two basic steps: 1. Do the normal removal of the top and bottom bolts holding the alternator to its brackets and then remove the wires. 2. This step provides you a way to get the alternator out of the vehicle. From under the vehicle,and without removing the driver's wheel, remove the 3 bolts on the carrier bearing bracket that holds the CV axle, then rotate the bracket out of the way. With a bit of wiggling and manuevering, you can drop the alternator through that space and out of the vehicle. Not too hard. You can lift the car body on the driver side allowing the left front wheel to drop to give you a little more space. We also had the front end lifted on ramps so we could lie under the front end on our back to remove the alternator. (DON'T FORGET: Never trust a hydraulic jack; always block up your vehicle with dunnage; not cinder blocks.) There was no need to remove the wheel or the CV short axle, as we, too, thought this simple task had pain in the... potential.

Previous in depth answer............. to replace an alterantor on this car is a pain in the you know what!! sounds like b.s. but this is what you do. 1-take front driverside wheel off

2-you have to take the drive shaft out of trans.(it takes a 30mm socket w/BREAKER BAR)believe me, this is for the bolt in the center of rotor you'll see it. 3-there is the sway bar and a couple of other things in the way you need to loosen to get out of the way(not necessarily take them off)

4-under the oil filter there is a bracket(3bolts) which holds the cv shaft in place(its part of the shaft) loosen those and once everything else is loose you should be able to pull the cv shaft out. trans. oil will leak be ready(be sure to have alternator already loose when you pull the shaft so you can pull shaft drop alternator throw the new one up there and replace shaft with spilling less oil as possible(ATF-Z1 find it at Honda or Acura dealer $4) -- NOTE: [By Cerebralailment] This person doesn't know what there talking about. If oil is leaking when you pull the shaft that means your transmission seal is gone. I've pulled many shafts on Honda's & oil does not leak out of them. Also, the Honda Transmission Fluid is $10/qt.]

5-replace everything and have fun best of luck any questions email me

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Q: How do you replace the alternator on a Acura Integra?
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