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2000 and onward Honda Odeyssey model has a problem of instrument panel light bulbs went bad early. To change them are not easy, would anyone can provide some solutions? Doug Answers: I am not very machancically inclined, but has great photos and step by step instructions, including a part number you can buy at Radio Shack. I bought the replacement bulbs at the dealer for about $5 for the clock and odometer together. Here are the steps, summarized. Go to to see the photos and details. It starts by saying disconnect the battery, then: 1. Grab the dash cover that surrounds the radio and air conditioner controls. Grab it on the left end, near the gear shift. Lift/pry it off. 2. Lift off the cover to the left of the steering column, the small one that surrounds the door controls. Lift from it's right side. 3. Remove the 6 screws that hold the top cover on. This cover surrounds the clock and instrument cluster, and contains the air vents. 4. Disconnect the wires from the back. 5. Twist off the light, insert the new one. If you buy the Radioshack bulbs, you have to wrap the leads back on to the base, and trim the excess wire. To get to the odometer light, there are two screws that hold the top of the instrument cluster to the underside of the top of the dash. Remove them, and pull the cluster out. You will see all the light bulb bases, twist out the old, and twist in the new. Button it all back up by reversing the order of removal. I did this whole thing in less than 30 minutes. The dealer wanted $120 to replace the two bulbs. I figured I saved $115, that's about $4/minute.

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Q: How do you replace the bulb in the dashboard clock on a 1998 Honda CR-V?
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There is no bulb, the clock is actually an LCD. The clock will have to be replaced.

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In my 1997 CR-V, there is no clock fuse listed on the fuse box. By the way, when my clock lamp (LED?) stopped working intermittently, my UK dealer explained that the clock was a sealed unit and was very expensive to replace. My clock lamp finally failed completely (the clock may be okay ... I cannot tell). I fitted a new cheap clock to the dashboard, using the gap around the factory clock to host the screws. I also eventually bought a new audio unit with a clock display.

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The clock and adjacent vents (on a 1998 Honda CRV) are all one assembly held in by sheet metal spring type clips. To remove, I've used long nose pliers. Insert pliers into one side of the vent, squeeze and partially pull out one side. Then do the same for the other side and the clock/vent assembly will come out. Remove the large plug harness to completely remove from the dashboard.

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You simply pull the unit out toward you while in front seat. Push on the side clip and it will detach from the wired part attached. Then take the back off by pulling carefully out on the edge of the two top clips and the two bottom to replace that inner clock? good question!

How much does it cost to replace a main relay on a 98 Honda Accord?

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In my 2001 CRV, the clock and radio fuse are the same. Funny, mine keeps blowing though... I keep taking it back to the dealer. They are trying to figure out why.

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