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How do you replace the camshaft in your 350 engine?


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2015-07-15 20:53:11
2015-07-15 20:53:11

Most of the time, you gotta pull it. The whole engine's gotta come out. The camshaft will have to slide out the front of the block. It's a whole lotta work.

no you dont have to pull it allyou have to do is take your radiator out then your grill yhen you can continue taking out the cam

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Not necessarily. However it would be advisable to replace the lifters and timing chain while you're in there. This is also a great time to upgrade the pushrods and rockers.

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The camshaft of a 350 Chevrolet engine is held in place by a retaining plate or the lifters. The retention method depends on whether the cam is a roller or flat tappet design.

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the camshaft position sensor is on the left side of the engine , at back on the upper side . you have to demont the conector , than unscrew and replace it

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It is located on the backside of the engine. Go to youtube and type in how to replace camshaft sensor on 2005 Nissan altima and it will show where it is and how to replace it, that is how I did my one.

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