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It is not an hard job and can easily be done in less than a day by an amatuer. But if you have to ask how you need to get the manual for the car as there are quite a number of steps.


I agree that you should have a manual close by for reference, but in its absence, here's the procedure I wrote down last time I changed my clutch.

Prep work:

Jack up the front of the car and support with jackstands

Drain the radiator

Drain the transaxle

Remove the following from above:

battery and battery tray

air filter assembly

3 hoses attached to water pipe (don't lose the clamps)

water pipe - 10mm - (one bolt is almost hidden up top)

negative ground on transaxle - 12mm

various wiring connections


clutch cable

starter - 12mm - 2 bolts (don't lose the shim)

Remove the following from below:

shifter lever & support rod from transaxle - 12mm & 14mm

left (driver) A-arm bolt

use prybar to force A-arm down so wheel pulls away (don't destroy your ball joint boot)

prybar half-axle out of transaxle (you'll feel it pop, then slide out)

Support the engine - jackstand + wood blocks work (don't damage the oil pan)

Support the transaxle with jack

Remove flywheel cover plate between engine and bell housing - 12mm

Remove transaxle-to-engine bolts - 14mm

Remove transaxle mount (to frame) bolts - 14mm

Separate transaxle from engine

prybar is ok, but don't force too hard

if they don't come apart easily, adjust the angle using the jack

** At any time after separation, handling the clutch lever may cause the throwout bearing to jump out

Use prybar to 'pop' passenger half-axle from transaxle

Lower transaxle out of the way

Remove clutch pressure plate and disc - 12mm

Remove flywheel - easiest to counter the rotation with a socket on the opposite side of engine (nut inside center pulley)

Have the flywheel resurfaced - about $40 at any reputable machine shop

** This is important if flywheel has discolored "hot spots", failure to do so may cause your new clutch to get chattery and fail early

The new clutch kit will come with a pilot bearing (center of flywheel) and a throwout bearing (inside transaxle on shaft).

If you ask nicely, your machinist may replace the pilot bearing for you while he's got the flywheel

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Q: How do you replace the clutch in a 96 Geo Metro?
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