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How do you replace the fan belts on a 2001 Kia Sportage?


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2011-09-12 20:56:07
2011-09-12 20:56:07
Kia belt InfoWell you could buy adifferent car, that would "change the belts"... I own a Kia Sportage.. a 2000...I am just today doing this.... Mind you I am replaceing the radiator, belts and hoses....

There are 3 belts.... The belt around the fan (BTW That fan will eventually freeze up on you and make it feel like the car is running rough... a new fan will cost about 125. and a new radiator about $140 from 1800-radiators) I already have the radiator out and the hoses out.... here is what I am seeing.The first belt is on the fan and generator, I think I remember that the generator has a tightening bolt... loosen it, you may also have to lossen the bolt that the generator hinges on.The second belt is the AC belt and again, you have to loosen the bolts..The third belt I have not found the tightening bolt but it does have a pivot bolt that has to be loosened... it may be that it does not have a tightening belt and you have to pry it taunt while you tighten the pivot bolt... I will know more Sunday.Mean time I will be at the library looking at a chilton Asian car repair book that says it covers the kia, and I see there is a kia book on a different kia car (Acura?) and who knows the engine might be the same....

as always legal disclaimers apply, and you should not take action on my words cause I am not a professional.G'Luck... I'm going to trade my Kia in for a REPAIRABLE car!!! even if it has to be American!


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