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They are pretty easy. I just did my friends front rotors and pads on an 01' Acura TL's. Pull all wheels off. Take pads off shoud be a 14mm to take the calipers off. Compress the calipers. Hang up your calipers w/ wire or string so they are not hanging by the brake line. Next look on the back side of the carrier. There will be 2 17mm bolts holding a the bracket for the calipers and pads. If you have trouble breaking them free, use a brass or dead blow hammer on the wrench. (You will be doing the same to tighten the bolts back up.) Next there will be 2 Phillips head screws on the rotors. Now these can be a royal pain to get out w/ out stripping the head of the scews. I used an impact tool w/ a hammer to get them out. The craftsman one runs about 30 bucks. (It is not an air tool. It just looks like an oversized screw driver. It is spring loaded, so when you nail it w/ the hammer you will want to twist at the same time and it will break the screws loose.) Once those screws are out pull the rotors off. Degrease the new ones and reverse the process. Make sure you use the impact tool to put the screws back in. Hopefully the rotors come w/ them.

If you change your rotors I suggest changing the pads also.

This was for the fronts on an 01 Acura TL. I do not know if there is a difference between the years. Pay close attention when you start to pull the rotor off. Should be the same process for the rear I do not know. The only thing that might be different on the rear is that the bearing is in the rotor. Check the back rotors to see what they are. (If bearings are in the rear rotors, buy Bendix rotors for the rear. They come w/ the bearing carriers already in the rotor so you do not have to press them in. Buy grease and rear seal for rear rotors. Pack the bearing w/ new grease, put seal in back or rotor, make sure it is flush and put the rotor back on.) I mainly work on BMW's, and VW's.

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Q: How do you replace the front and rear rotors on a 2000 Acura TL?
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you need to replace your rotors in the front i had the same problem and the rear rotors had the entire car shaking but start with the front , good brands are centric or raybestoes, MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO HAVE ANYTHING ELSE BROKEN LIKE A BALL JOINT OR AXLE IN THE FRONT THIS CAN ALSO BE THE PROBLEM , ANY QUESTIONS EMAIL ME AT TWICHE23@AOL.COM , BUT ITS YOUR ROTORS