How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1986 Toyota 4Runner?


Leave the engine off over night and thru the next day until you do the work. THis will help bleed off the pressure. With all the tools in hand and the new filter standing by put yourself under the car next to the filter. Have a few rags and a jar or something to catch the fuel the will leak out of the lines. Also have a tool like a screw driver you can put in the hose to help lessen the leaking gas. Your under the car and ready to do the work. Remove the hose that is on the gas tank side and put the screwdriver in the hose. Now take the other hose off and remove the filter. Put the new filter in place just like the one you took out. Hook up the hose's in the reverse order and ensure the clamps are snug. Clean up all the mess and drippeed fuel. Water down the area if alot spilled and then turn on the car. Watch for any leaks and fix if necessary. Jonathon