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Well, you really don't want to repair it. What you need to do is pull the head off, check or have a professional check if it has any cracks in it, If not (if so, you'll need a new head) just scrape, or use a certified foam cleanser to remove old gasket and seal (probably an orange or blue colored silicone), be sure it is clean! Then buy a new gasket (15-40$) and a tube of HighHeat silicone. Although the manufacture doesn't recomend a silicone seal, it does provide some added protection. Take a small ammount of silicone and place it on the ridges which are around the edge of your block (where the head sits) then place the gasket on the block. To provide a better fit, you should lay your new gasket on the trunk of your car in the sun. This will expand the gasket and make it more flexible. The place the head over the gasket. When tightening the bolts, just get each one started first. Then go around and tighten them to the recommended strength(should be an ammount of lbs.), or just tighten them down where they fit snugly. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! This will result in a poor seal and will cause another blown gasket. Let the silicone cure overnight, and your finished.

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Q: How do you replace the head gasket located on a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria 351?
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