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This is for replacing the low headlight bulb (not the high beams) for Honda Accord 2001.

The driver side has more room to maneuver but the passenger side is a bit tight in space and narrower. Firstly, remove the clean air intake (Big black plastic tube behind the headlamp). Just pull right up in order to give yourself more room to replace the bulb.

Secondly, locate the bulb and remove the power clip from the bottom. I squeeze the plastic lock real hard (pain in the butts), then use the Philip screwdriver tip to put more pressure downward around the power clip cap's rim in order to fully release the cap from the headlight bulb.

Thirdly, you will need a SHORT Length star screwdriver to unwind counter clockwise (facing toward the front of your vehicle from rear) 3 screws that hold the lightbulb in place.

Lastly, replace the bulb but try not to touch the bulb's head with dirty bare hand. Secure the 3 screws back, snap the power clip back on firmly and the Black plastic tube. Good luck and have fun in doing so.


Note - handle the new bulb with cloths only. If you touch the bulb with your

fingers clean the oils off with rubbing alcohol.

Open the hood. If removing the right-side bulb, remove the battery and

coolant reservoir. Reach behind the headlight assembly, grasp the bulb

retaining collar, turn it counter-clockwise, then pull out the bulb/holder

assembly. (The bulb/holder assembly is shown as a right angle holder, maybe

an inch in diameter, bent at a right angle and the wires coming out the

bottom. The collar is perhaps 3 inches diameter and looks pretty flat

against the body.) The bulb is removed by pulling straight out. Installation

is the reverse of removal


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Q: How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2001 Honda Accord?
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