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Its take me a while to figured out how to remove that light but after a hour i find it. I got the same problem because mine was broken on the same side too.You have to remove the front bumber, and after that u will be able to remove the headlight.There the repair procedure

1. look in the hood near the back of headlight's u should see two bolt and some kind of bracket weld on the frame. Those bolt are linked to the front bumber so u must removed it!!!Remove the battery to get a better access if u want.

2. unscrew all plastic cover under the front bumbper.

3. pull out the front bumbper and carefully uncap all wiring

4. finally u got access for headlight!!!!

p.s do not try to remove the lens by the small clip, the assembly come in only one unit.

You need to remove the front bumper not as hard as it sounds. First remove the grill. Five screws and it pops out. If you're doing both sides, remove the battery and windshield washer tank. Remove the side marker lamps by unscrewing one screw for each lamp. Remove the turn directional lamps on the bottom of the bumper. Behind each lamp opening you will see two bolts that need to be removed. Directly above the directionals inside the engine compartment there is a threaded stud with a nut on each side, remove both nuts. After removing the four bolts and two nuts the bumper pull right off. Each headlight assembly has five screws holding it in, remove those and pull out the headlights. To install just reverse the process.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight lens located on a 1993 Honda Accord?
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