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You have to get the ignition core to turn otherwise you will have to replace the housing. If you get it to turn, put it in the run position. On the right side of the ignition switch housing there will be a small hole (aobut 1/16 to 1/8) (2002 Saturn). using a piece of coat hanger (about 3 inches, insert it in the hole ( about 1 inch or so). This will allow you to PUSH/PRESS UPWARD on a spring loaded tab/latch (about 1 inch in. While pressing upward, Pull on the key or lightly pry the ignition core outward to remove the ignition core/cylider. However if you are having trouble, the key is most likely worn excessivly. You will need the key to pull on to get the cylinder out. IF THE KEY will not stay in the cylinder than USE A SCREWDRIVER to lightly pry out the core. If you are having trouble than here are two tips, turn the key slightly back I MEAN SLIGHTLY BACK and try again also if the vehcicle has an automatic transmission remove the shift interlock cable from under the housing this will be a black plastic piece right underneath the cylinder, here the key will probably break the 3 little plastic clips. No worrys... If and when you do this, simply reattach it by wraping a wire tie around it, if you are curious how i know this it is because I'm a technician that works at a Saturn dealership.

If your Ignition switch/core is like mine, you will notice a lot of metal shavings that wore off the key. VACUME this out... DO NOT BLOW the shavings into the ignition switch housing. With the ignition core out of the car, blow the shavings out of the core. Then use WD-40 and totally soak the ignition core to flush out even more shavings while luberacating the core. While doing this insert the key key into the core 5 or 10 time to brake loose any remaining shavings. Flush the core again with WD40, wipe it dry. Reinsert the core into the housing and it should work smoothly. If you find that it is still sticky, you key may be worn to the extent that it does not correctly avtivate the ingition core. Goe to your dealer to get a new key. DO NOT have a key cut using your old key as the model as the new key will be cut to the worn our model and not work.

Also, the Haynes Motor Manual for Saturn 2002 shows the wrong ignition switch/core. It's VERY frustrating. The above worked very well for my 2002 Saturn. Hope this helps;-)

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Q: How do you replace the ignition cylinder on a 2002 Saturn SL2?
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