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Howdy! I just did this job on my '99 suburban, but from what I've seen the parts are the same as on the '96, unless you have roll-up windows instead of power. Either way, the procedure should be similar.

Remove the 2 screws from the armrest.

Gently pry up the control console and push in the locking tabs, there are two in the back, and two on each side near the power window buttons, then slide the console towards the rear of the vehicle to remove it from the interior door cover.

Push in locking tabs on connectors and pull them out from the console to remove it.

Pry up plastic plate around handle and lock lever to reveal locking tabs, push tabs in and remove.

Pry around interior door cover sides and bottom and look for the white plastic pins, they're made to pull right out and snap out of the door cover. Remove them, then pull the cover out slightly, then lift up and remove the cover.

The housing handle is held in by one rivet visible from the outside and sliding tabs visible from the inside. Drill out the rivet then push the housing toward the front of the vehicle until it releases.

Carefully pull the housing out until you can see the rods that connect to the handle and lock lever. Pry each rod upward until it pops out of the handle or lever arms and remove the handle housing.

Now, if you bought a new handle it probably came with the whole housing, but if all you have is the handle itself, push outward on the plastic holes that hold the old handle into the housing, remove it, take the spring off the old handle and put it on the new handle.

Put everything back together the way you took it apart, but replace the drilled-out rivet with an appropriate sized machine screw.

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Q: How do you replace the inside driver side door handle on a 1996 Chevy Suburban step by step?
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