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Note: I did this on a 95 Escort GT, should be similar though::

Take out all the screws on the bottom of the black dash panel, and remove the plastic steering wheel column cover (two plastic bits that snap together. Pull out the black dash piece, uses a lot of force because you have to squeeze it past the steering wheel and the rest of the dash (it can be done, takes a lot of force though (make sure you unplug the rear defrost unit if you have one) note: I read in a manual that you can take out the steering wheel and it makes it much easier - I didn't know this and took it out with the steering wheel still installed)).

Then there is a bunch of little screws to undo (make sure it is not the ones that hold the plastic cover down). Follow the speedo wire down to where it connects to the transmission - you pull out a little metal clip that holds it in and then pull it out (this gives you room to pull the speedo out. When you can pull the instrument panel out a bit, undo the little wires in the back that plug into each of the smaller gauges and then there is one humungous wire in the back for the speedo. Pull that one REALLY hard until it pops out - don't worry it won't break. Then repeat until everything is back.

The hardest part was probably getting the black dash part out past the steering wheel - this would be much easier if you know how to remove the steering wheel.

When you take the two pieces off of the steering column there are four bolts under the steering shaft that attach a plate. Take the four bolts out and the steerin wheel will drop down to allow you to take out the dash liner.

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Q: How do you replace the instrument cluster lights on a 1994 Ford Escort?
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Where are dashboard lights in BMW 325i?

Inside the instrument cluster. To replace them remove the cluster and take it apart.

How do you change the bulb for dash lights in 2000 dodge durango?

Behind the instrument Cluster. Or remove it and replace the Cluster.

How do you replace the dash lights in a 1997 mercury villager?

The instrument cluster needs to be removed to get at the bulbs.

How do you get to or where are the instrument lights on your 89 Toyota 4x4 pickup?

Remove the dash and remove the instrument cluster, the lights are in the back of the cluster.

How do you replace dash lights 1996 Mercury Villager?

The entire instrument cluster must be remove to replace lamps. If equiped with Electronic cluster, it might be better to take it to the dealer.

What to do if the odometer lights go out in a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

remove dash replace bulb(instrument cluster)

Why are your instrument cluster lights dim?

well i bought new lights for my instrument cluster thinking it would fix the problem but there still dim

How do you change bulb on instrument panel of 2000 Chevy Impala?

you cannot service panel lights on 2000 impala . you hav to replace the instrument cluster.

How do you replace odometer light bulb in 2002 Saturn L200?

Below the instrument cluster is a trim piece that goes across the width of the instrument cluster. Remove the 4 screws then remove the trim piece. Remove the screws that retain the instrument cluster, then carefully pull the instrument cluster STRAIGHT BACK. The instrument cluster plugs in to a matching socket in the dashboard. Be certain that the pins do not get bent. It's a good idea to replace all of the bulbs once one burns out. The rest will be failing soon. There are two types of bulbs used in the dashboard, they might only be available at a GM dealership. Replace all of the bulbs. Carefully push the instrument cluster back into the dashboard, then test the lights and make certain that the instruments and indicator lights work before putting everything else back together. Replace the trim ring around the instrument cluster. Replace the bottom trim piece... Done. ... at least, that's how it works on the 2000 LS

How do you repair wiring of instrument lights for 1990 Nissan?

Remove the instrument cluster and replace the bad bulbs. Take the battery cables off!Remove the upper and lower steering colum covers. Remove the four screws on the cover. Tke the screws out of the cluster and turn it over. Replace the bad bulbs. Had to replace the whole cluster on mine as the speedometer and the heat guage were kaput!

What would cause some dashboard lights to work but not others?

Replace the light bulbs that are burned out, usually from the back side of the instrument cluster.

How do you repair Instrument cluster lights on 2002 Mercury Sable lights do not work except the turn signal lights in cluster are always on?

You Will Have To Take To A Dealer. Best Of Luck

What fuse controls front dash lights on 1997 explorer?

I'm not sure if the following fuses are for the dash lights - the owner's manual lists them for " instrument cluster " location # 11 - 7.5 amp fuse for instrument cluster location # 15 - 7.5 amp fuse for instrument cluster location # 33 - 15 amp fuse instrument cluster/headlamps/DRL module

What is an instrument cluster?

Dashboard area where guages, speedometer, & lights are located

How do you replace instrument panel speedometer lights in a '98 Ford Taurus?

remove trim surrounding cluster, remove bolts securing cluster to dash, disconnect electrical connectors at cluster, twist failed bulbs out, reverse to install

How do you replace a bulb in the instrument panel of a 2004 subaru legacy?

If it's an automatic; Go to, click on Forums, under General > Do-It-Yourself Illustrated Guide > Replacing Lights on the Instrument Cluster.

How do you replace the dash lights in a 1994 Lincoln continental?

Assuming you mean the instrument cluster lights, consult this link: If you are referring to other lights (radio, switches, etc.) those are not serviceable. You have to replace the unit that's failing.

1999 Chrysler 300M instrument cluster lights do not always come on?

I had the same issue. In the instrument cluster there are 3 boards. The smallest board with the odometer and transmission status displays also has the 4 lights for the back lighting. This board is plugged into the main board and can easily be changed. Theses lights short out and cannot be changed out individually, the only thing you can do is replace this board.

How do you replace instrument panel light bulbs on 1996 Jeep Cherokee?

Try to reach up from underneath but if you dont have room or cant reach it then remove the trim around the instrument cluster and heater (all one piece) unscrew instrment cluster and carefully remove the cluster the lights are in sockets that are removed from the back

How do you replace the dash gauge lights on a 1972 Chevelle ss?

You will have to remove the instrument cluster to gain access. You might want to purchase a Haynes Manual that will instruct you.

How do you replace the your gauge lights on a Cadillac Catera?

You have to remove the center vent, where a screw is located holding part of the instrument cluster in. The procedure is not complicate but describing how to do it is. The other screws are in sight, and the steering column cover has to be removed as well. Once you get the cluster out replace all the lights, because if one has gone out, others are not far behind.

1987 Pontiac Firebird and the dash lights do not work you did replace the dimmer switch and the headlight switch that did not work When you turn on the headlights the radio light goes out?

The instrument cluster lights have their own fuse. It's a 5 amp at the bottom center of the fuse block. When the lights are on, the radio draws lamp power from the instrument cluster. This allows you to dim the brightness of the radio display with the other internal lamps.

Where is the instrument cluster on 1996 ford windstar?

In the dash in front of the driver The instrument cluster has your speedometer , engine coolant temperature gauge , your fuel gauge , your warning lights , etcetera

How can you get the lights towork on a dash onmy 1986 Mercedes?

The potentiometer is one of the two pegs that stick through the clear plastic on your instrument cluster. If twisting the peg doesn't bring the lights on, then remove the instrument cluster from the dash and take the potentiometer off. You can either replace it, or try to open it and clean the contact points (I've done this on many occasions).

Need to replace dashboard lights 1993 MB 190E?

if I am not mistaken, the lights in the dash are from fiber-optic lines that go to the switches from the cluster lights. also originate from the rheostat in cluster.