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first you remove the instrument cluster cover by taking out the headlight switch, rear defrost switch ect, take out all blank covers as well, use a Phillips screwdriver and remove all screws holding it on. take out the two screws holding the cluster to the dash. take out the five screws that hold the cover over the pedals in place. now reach up behind the cluster to the speedo cable, there will be a clip that as to be drepressed with your finger while you pull it back off the speedo guage. next you pop the hood and use a long Phillips head on a ratchet or a 13mm socket and remove the hold down bolt on the cable at the transmission. pull the gear head straight out and pull the other end through the firewall towards the front of the car. you will have to slacken the rubber boots at the firewall to do this. replacement is reverse.

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Q: How do you replace the speedometer cable on a 1989 VW Jetta GL 1.8?
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How to Replace speedometer cable 1989 Toyota truck?

Speedometer cable replace 1989 toyota

Where is the speedometer cable in a 1989 Mazda 626?

Back of the speedometer, through the firewall and into the top of the transmission.

What part needs to be replaced for a 1989 Nissan Sentra when the odometer and speedometer are not working?

Most of the time, the speedometer cable breaks, and you replace it. The best way to find out, is to unscrew it from the transmission, and see if you can pull the cable out from the casing. If it checks out to be good, then it will be the drive gear inside the transmission, or the speedometer itself.

Where is the speedo cable on a 1989 s10?

The speedometer cable on a 1989 S10 is behind the steering wheel. The speed sensor is mounted on the transfer case tailshaft.

How do you lube speedometer cable 1989 Toyota truck?

Try blowing graphite down there.

How do you fix a 1989 Ford Laser ke speedometer that is not working?

probably a broken cable drive.

How do you replace the speedometer cable for a 1989 silverado?

There is no cable....It is electric.....The speed sensor is on the transmission...Its called the VSS(Vehicle Speed Sensor)...Easy to take out and install...One bolt...Unplug the connector and remove the bolt and the sensor slides out.

How do you repair the speedometer on a 1989 Z24 Cavalier?

i had the same car. its probally the cable that runs from the back of the speedometer to the trany. you have to pull out the instrument cluster. its not that hard.

1989 camaro speed sensor?

Probably does not have a speed sensor. It would have a speedometer cable that goes from the back of the speedometer, through the firewall, underneath the car, and into the transmission.

Is the speedometer on a Chevy Blazer electronic or by cable?

I believe that the first digital cluster on a S-10 Blazer was in 1989.

Where is the vehicle speed sensor on a 1989 acura integra and how would you test it when the ECU delivers a code 17?

On my 1990 Integra RS the speed sensor is a part of the speedometer assembly. I got code 17 after repairing a dry/noisy speedometer cable. After putting the speedometer cable and instrument cluster back together, I test drove the car and found the speedometer wasn't turning because I didn't have the cable inserted all the way. After driving just around the block with the speedometer cable not connected, code 17 appeared.

Speedometer bounces all over some times on a 1989 Crown Victoria how to make it stop and fix it?

Most likely have to change the cable.

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