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How do you replace the tail light in a 1999 GS 300?


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2006-07-22 20:45:56
2006-07-22 20:45:56

I figured out the answer to the question I asked. You need to remove the tail light in order to get at the bulbs to replace. To remove the light, there are 4 screws that you need to take out- two on the outside and two on the inside behind the carpet. Its actually quite easy once you figure it out. Thanks.


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You should find this information in your owners manual. Also you can get a manual for your car at an Auto Zone.

Follow the link below, labeled "How to replace a Lexus IS300 tail light"

Chrysler 300 tail light connectors are universal with LED bulb for highway or off-road use. It is high quality and provides safety and value to your vehicle.

I am not sure---I have 2002 rx 300 nad one of the bulbs on the dash that lets you know what gear you are has burned out. That does not effect the operation of the vehicle, but is just annoying. The dealer want $250.00 to replace the bulb. No way will I pay-----this is a design flaw in the vehicle !

You can replace the map light bald, on your Chrysler 300, by removing the decorative retaining nut. The lens will come off with the nut, exposing the light bulb.

If you have directional lights, tail lights, and hi - mount brake light that works but no lower brake lights, replace the multi-function switch on the steering column. Order from MONSTER Auto Parts online for about $90.00. Buy from dealer 300-400.00. Parts house 200-300. No need to replace the 4 way flasher even though they do not work. They will when you replace the MultiFunction switch. Good luck!

My husband was one year off when he said 1959. Actually, they are the tail lights of the 1960 Chrysler 300

The tail lights are one piece, the lens does not come off. You remove the assemblies by removing retainers form inside the trunk.

The bulbs go in from the rear. You may have to remove the light asy, by removing the top plastic rivet and sliding the whole assembly toward the front to disengage the three plastic assembly tabs.

I have a 1998 300 CL and has a timing belt I just had it replace you need to replace yours ASAP before it breaks.

the emergency brake pads ARE the REAR brake pads.

600 dollars. trust me i know from personal experience. and Lexus will only replace not repair hope this helps :)

i believe its a red lines coming out of an image of a red car. that what it was in my 02

I had a 85 300 lights had a mind of their own, come on sometimes no fogs, had to replace the light switch on column, about 150.oo at Nissan

If you reach behind the light you can twist and pull removing the light bulb socket. Pull out the light and install a new one and do the reverse to install.

If the source is 300 light years away from you, then you see light that left the source 300 years ago.It may not be there any more. You'll know in 300 years.

No supra tail lights only fit on fieros with bodykits.

You have a defective brake light switch that needs to be replaced. About $10 for the part in our neighborhood. It's a plug 'n play deal.

You have a leaking gasket around water pump. Just replace gasket it will solve problem

Fuel filters are replace at a set mileage determined by the manufacture as outlined in your owners manual. Change it at that mileage. If you have no owners manual then change it every 50,000 miles.

how would you go about changing the spark plugs in a 1999 Lexus ES 300?

Lexus IS300 3rd brake light is changed from the back seat. Pry the light up and disconnect wiring. Replace bulb and put back together. Easy job

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