How do you replace the temperature sending unit on a 1995 Ford Bronco?

yb6vnThe coolant temperature sending unit is located just right (looking from the front of the vehicle at the engine) of the distributor. there is one wire very similar to the one that actuates your solenoid, connected to the top of the sending unit. simply remove the wire by pulling it off, find the apropriate deep socket, and unscrew the old sending unit. while you have it off, test the gague and wiring by finding a friend to help you by truning the key on and off. have your friend sit in the drivers seat and watch the temp gague. find a nail or something to ground that wire, have your friend turn the key to run but not start, the gague should read cold. then ground the wire, the gague should instantly spike up to hot. only do this for a few seconds. If your gague didn't do this, then the connection or gague is bad. install the new sending unit with a little RTV on the threads. reattach the wire and you're good to go.