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You need to get a release tool from Honda or make your own. I made my own to do this. You need a short flat metal bar (about 4" long, 1/8" thick) with a hook on one end and a longer piece of metal on the other end (to use as a handle). I used a tool which is actually used to take off the oil pressure sending unit for Fords. The tool is about 4" long, is 1" wide, & turns at both ends in same direction for about 1" (think of a long U). This tool has a 3/8" socket wrench fitting at the end. I put the socket wrench into the tool (to use as a handle). On the end of the torsion rod (not the end that is inserted into the trunk hinge), hook the tool over the back part of the rod. The tool will be under the front of the rod. Using the socket wrench as a handle, you slowly pull the wrench towards you & upward to remove the torsion rod from where it sits. Hold on tightly to the handle as the rod will want to twist the other way. Once you have removed the rod from where it sits, slowly let it unwind. Be careful as the trunk lid will want to close because the tension of the rod is no longer there. You will need a broomstick or something similar to hold up the trunk lid. Do the same for the other rod. It took me about 5 mins to do this. Easier to do than it reads.

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Q: How do you replace the torsion spring rods in a 1991 Honda Accord trunk?
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