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How do you replace the turn signal switch located on a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo?


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2015-07-16 19:25:45
2015-07-16 19:25:45

disconect battery & pull fuse that controls air bag & wait 15 minutes (this will disable the airbag

There are two torx screws on the back of the steering wheel, turn your wheel to access them & remove. Pull off horn/airbag,easy does it. Disconect the wires on back & place in safe place

Remove nut holding on wheel with 13/16 socket. Pull wheel off with steerig wheel pulller.

Remove snap ring. Move Coil pack out of way.

Remove small metal band that holds on the metal star looking thing. You will need to use a steering wheel lock plate removal tool.

Now you have access to switch. remove a few torx bolts & it will be loose. Disconect the harness & pull through.


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The 2001 Monte Carlo emergency flasher relay switch and the turn signal flasher relay switch are the same. The flasher relay switch simply plugs in and out.

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The turn signal/hazard flasher is integrated into the flasher switch. A very common failure on these cars.

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You probably need a new turn signal switch. I have a '96 Monte Carlo and I had to replace the turn signal switch to get the brake lights to work. Thankfully I had a brother who knew how to take off the steering column and replace. Hopes this helps!!!

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Check on this web site: Very detailed pictures and instructions.

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