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Get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM it will have pictures and everything.

On a 4 cyl motor, you would need to drain the coolant first. Next you will need to loosen the idler pulley and disconect the drive belt. You need to remove the coolant tube bracket next, they are located on the side of the oil pan, and on the back of the block. For the water pump itself, there are 3 bolts that you need to take off, and then you will need to take the old gasket off, and then replace it with a new one with the new water pump. With a 6 cyl motor, you need to disconect the heater hose as well.

dis-connect battery drain the coolant,remove belt there is a coolant tube that is connected to the pump(pressure fit),remove the bolts that attach the tube to the oil pan,and back of block,now you pull the tube out of the water pump,set aside tube. Remove the 3 bolts holding the pump on,put it on the same way you took it off,use new O-Ring for pressure fitting,and new gasket on the new pump,EASY!


Not to mention, if you cannot see a clear exit pathway for the water pump, when you're under the car looking at it---I'm talking about not being able to remove the "hardline hose", the "softline hose" or the AC hoses from your way---you can't remove them for whatever reason, when the car is up on ramps, it's best to place some wood blocks on top of a hydraulic jack, place it under the engine, then remove the right top engine bracket bolt (inside hood area, single bolt mounted above passenger wheel well area) then jack up the engine using a hydraulic jack. This will lift the passenger side of the engine up enough so the water pump is easily accessible and easy to remove from below. I also used a small flat head screw driver and tapped the hardline hose, into the water pump housing to make sure that it would seal properly. After we pulled the hard line hose out, simply bracketing it back up was not enough re-pressure fit the pipe into the housing. To ensure a sound fit, I had to "tap it" into place, on each side of the circular fitting. If it is not sealed properly, coolant, when poured into the radiator will run out immediately.


On my 1993 Tempo 2.3 liter. I broke two 10mm sockets and lost one somewhere in engine compartment. THEN I raised passenger side of engine about 4." And did not loosen or remove any other hard or soft hoses or brackets on bottom of engine.

Three bolts on water pump were very accessible from top. Water pump came out of bottom pretty easy. I would suggest buying a new pump first to orient yourself where the three mounting bolts are. This is because you will be working by feel part of the time.


1-disconnect battery

2-drain the coolant

3-remove Power Steering reservoir and flip it over the engine

4-remove the coolant reservoir , so that you have more room

5-use a 1/2 inch breaker bar on the serpentine belt tensioner to remove the belt

6-put a jack under the oil pan

7-unbolt the two 13mm bolts ,and the long horizontal 13mm bolt from the engine mount

8- remove the engine mount bracket

9-jack the engine high enough so you can have enough room to unbolt 3 10mm bolts-two on top of the water pump adjacent and one on bottom

10- don't touch the 8mm bolts that hold the water pump housing

11-remove the three 10mm bolts

12-wiggle the water pump to remove- so that it disconnect from the the bottom metal hose

13- remove the pulley from the water pump-it's easy now

14- find a way to get the water pump out of there

15-now you can unbolt the 8mm bolts and install an new water pump

16-don't forget the o ring that seal the metal hose at the bottom

17-reverse the steps

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Ford Tempo?
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