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CAUTION: Some models are equipped with anti-theft-radio make sure you have the activation code before disconnecting battery

  • Disconnect negative battery cable
  • Drain cooling system if coolant is relatively new save it
  • Remove the accessory drivebelt
  • Loosen the water pump pulley bolts.Remove the water pump pulley bolts and then remove the pulley
  • Remove the alternator.Note the position of the alternator bracket on the water pump it must be installed in the same position when installing the water pump.Remove the alternator bracket bolts they're also water pump bolts and then remove the other four bolts from the water pump
  • Loosen the hose clamp and then disconnect the water pump coolant inlet pipe connection hose.Detach the coolant inlet pipes from the block and then disconnect the coolant inlet pipe from the water pump mounting boss.Remove and discard the old o-ring
  • Clean the bolt threads and the threaded holes in the engine to remove corrosion and sealant
  • Compare the new pump to the old one to make sure they're identical
  • Remove all traces of old gasket material from the engine with a gasket scraper

It's clear that whoever entered this entry up to this point is able to cut and paste from a haynes manual however they certainly never performed this job in real life. What you see above is all quoted word for word from a haynes repair manual. They state "then remove the other four bolts from the water pump ". This is how I know they did not actually do this job because the haynes manual is in error. You cannot access two of those bolts without removing the timing cover. This is not optional! First the crank pulley must be pulled off. You may need special tools to do this but not a pulley puller or anything an impact gun and a decent compressor to power it. And unlike many crank pulley bolts this one is not reverse threaded, it comes off in the standard direction. A chain wrench or something around the pulley may be tried but save yourself the agony of realizing its virtually impossible and use an impact gun(not electric typically they don't have enough power). Once the pulley is off the rest of the timing cover bolts should be removed and then the timing cover providing access to the other 2 water pump bolts which are located underneath the timing cover. Also before you start this job it is a good idea to remove the Power Steering pump bracket bolts and move the power steering pump out of the way, being careful not to damage the lines in the process. You do not need to move it much but it will save you some agony trying to access the water pump and pulley from the top.

I agree, who ever wrote the very top portion Just copied the Haynes manual. Here is how it is done. Removing the Negative battery cable is optional. Loosen the power steering pump and remove the belt. Completely remove the power steering pump from it's brackets and swing it out of the way. Remove the power steering pump resevior and the radiator overflow resevior. Next loosen and remove the belt from the alternator. Remove the 2 bolts that attach the adjustment plate for the alternator to the water pump. Loosen the bolt that holds the bottom of the alternator and push the alternator out of the way. There is no reason to remove the alternator from the vehicle. Get a Chain Wrench which is available at most auto parts stores. I got mine from Harbor Freight. Wrap the Chain Wrench around the Harmonic balancer and make sure that it is against a solid point of the engine. Get a socket large enough to fit the bolt that holds the harmonic balancer to the crank shaft. Once you get the harmonic balancer off, get a floor jack and a block of wood and position the wood on the flange of the oil pan. Raise the jack to support the weight of the engine. DO NOT jack up the engine using the oil pan. If you do, damage WILL result from the weight of the engine. Once you have the engine supported remove the motor mount. Remove the top half of the timing belt

cover. Then the bottom half will be able to come off. Release the timing belt tensioner and remove the timing belt. AT THIS POINT DO NOT ROTATE THE ENGINE OR THE CAM SHAFTS. Put a white mark on the timing belt and the cam shaft pulley. Therefore the timing belt will be put back on in the exact position it was removed. Since the timing belt is off, inspect it for uneven wear or cracks. If the belt is worn or cracked, then I recommend it be replaced. Remove the Idler pully on the right that is used for the timing belt. At this point, the bolts for the water pump are accessible.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 2000 Hyundai Elantra gls?
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