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How do you replace the water pump on a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero 4-cylinder?

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2010-02-15 21:06:15
2010-02-15 21:06:15

Simple, you don't. This is what's known as a Quad 4 motor, not a fun one. You basicly need to take the side of the motor off to get to it, big job. Take it to a shop.


It's a bad job, but it's not a terrible job. Get a Haynes manual, and pay VERY close attention to the part about the timing chain tensioner. There is a section that tells how to set it to make installing easy, but you have to read CAREFULLY and re-set it before you button things back up. I missed that part this weekend and had to tear it back apart.

Also, there is a part called the heater hose connector on the back of the motor where the heater hose connects to the pump. It's plastic, and WILL break. Checkers stocks these for $10. The timing chain tensioner shoe has a little clip that you have to bend to remove it. This will also break. Checkers again, $14.99. Save yourself a LOT of headache and buy these two parts. If you don't break them, you can return them.

The bad news..yup, you have to pull the exhaust manifold. This whole job is pretty smooth if you have a 3/8" air ratchet and a really short 10mm socket to take off the 1054 bolts holding the timing cover on.

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