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How do you replace the windshield and blinker wires in a 1993 ford probe?

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Just trying to help. Locating the wires is the first step. Why do they need to be replaced? Do you know for sure they need to be replaced. If so, explain. I'm curious.

2005-04-27 12:09:32
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How do you replace a wiper motor in a 1990 suzuki samurai?

the best way is to unbolt the windshield and fold it down on to the hood. under where the windshield meets the body is where all the wires and stuff is at. its about a 30 min job.

How do you hotwire a 1994 Ford Probe need to know which wires to do what with?

How do I hotwire a ford probe 94

Why do my brake brake lights only work when i press the wires on turn signal arm 1998 lumina?

the blinker switch shorted out the brake lights... really really common problem, need to replace the switch

Stereo wiring for Ford Probe 1995?

This site gave me some good information - all the wires seemed to match my '95 probe.

Whats the color wires for the blinker an brake lights?

whats the color circuit for the blinkers an break lights?

How do you replace an alternator 95 probe gt?

With a ratchet and a set of sockets? Its right there in the front just take the 3 or so bolts out and pull it out, unplug the wires and remove it. There isn't too much to it.

Why would the cruise on your 2001 Lumina sedan shut off when the left turn signal was engaged then later do it with the right signal then frequently not engage at all?

I have an '86 Chevy S-10. The wiper, blinker, dimmer, and cruise control are all in one switch. The cruise wires are threaded through the hollow shaft of the blinker arm and come out through a slot just inside the column cover. I recently replaced this switch because over along time of using the blinker, dimmer, and wipers, the wires had frayed through where the cruise wires come out of the blinker arm. Have a friend who is good at mechanics inspect the wiring and see if this is the problem. Replacing my blinker arm from a junk yard will solve my problem for a little while.

Where is the distributor on 1998 Ford Probe?

there is no such thing as a 1998 Ford Probe. If there was, it would probably still be located next to the stock airbox. follow the spark plug wires.

How do you replace windshield washer pump 1987 vanagon?

Easy. Look under the driver side under the van. There will be a triangular piece that is the container. Drop that down. On the side will be the pump that fits into a slot on the container. Pull the hose, pull the wires. Replace and reinstall. Done.

How do you replace motor blower resistor in a 19999 astrovan?

under hood remove antifreeze overflow jug and windshield washer jug look towards fire wall follow wires remove two screws

How do you replace the turn signal windshield wiper cruise control arm on a 1987 Olds Ciera?

This is not easy since the cruise cont wires go down through the steering column. I suggest you take it to the garage.

How car deforsters work?

Front windshield defrosters work by routing hot air from the heating system up to vents mounted just below the windshield on the dash. Rear windshield defrosters work by means of metal wires embedded in the windshield that are heated by electricity.

Where is the heater resistor on a 2003 Chevy Cavalier?

There are heater-resistance wires in the glass of the back windshield.

What car part start with w?

Water Pump. Windshield. Wheel. Wheel base. Wires.

How do you measure the thickness of galvanizing on wires?

You can measure the thickness with an optical microscope (look at a crossection) or an ultrasonic probe.

To replace your distributor cap but CANNOT get the wires out of the old one to put into the new one please help?

Replace the wires too. Using old wires on a new cap is not the best choice.

Is it nessesary to change the plug wires when you replace the distributor cap?

Only if the wires are bad.

What type of sensor would utilize 2 wires and how to test with a DVOM?

It is a VRS sensor. You set the DVOM to AC and back probe both wires. (Wyo Tech student)

93 probe gt replaced mass airflow sensor car turning over not starting replaced distributor and wires - any suggestions plan to pull codes this evening?

Check condition of ignition coil. Replace if bad.

How do you replace the air filter for a 1993 Ford Probe GT?

Easiest way is to remove the airbox that contains the air filter, rather than try to force it in. Be sure to remember to hook up all of the vacuum hoses and wires you unplugged.

What does a electrical technician do?

they help replace or fix the old wires and replace them with the new cords

How do you replace spark plug wires on a 3300 oldmobile engine?

To replace spark plug wires on a 3300 Oldsmobile engine, open the hood and remove the wires from the end of the engine. The number of spark plug wires most often corresponds to the number of cylinders your engine has.

Where is the radio antenna for the 2004 Chevy Malibu?

It may be in the windshield, look for two fine wires at the top of the glass.

Do you replace coils when you change plugs and wires on 1998 ford expedition?

It is not necessary to replace the coilpacks as routine maintenance. At around $70 each, it is a significant expense. Replace only the boots that connect from the coilpacks to the plugs. I think JC Whitney has the boots for $4 each. Replacing the boots is equivalent to replacing the wires on an older car. Do not replace the small wires going to each coil. They are not high energy wires.

Replace spark plug wires on 1999 grand marquis?

You should have C.O.P. ( coil on plug) there are no wires.