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if the code is not located with your owners manual, go to a Lexus dealership to get a code. they may charge you for it.

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You changed the battery on a 2004 Acura MDX need to reset the radio?

There should be a acura business card in the owners manual that has a reset code

After replacing the battery in a Chevrolet Aveo how do you get the radio and clock to begin working again?

I had to take mine to the local Chevy dealer to get the code to reset the radio after the battery was changed. I was charged $40 by them to do this.

How do reset a Honda Odyssey after battery replacement?

There is nothing to reset except the radio. Insert the 5 digit radio code to reset the radio and then reset the clock and presets for stations.

What is the reset code for the radio in a Chevy optra after a battery replacement?

How do you reset error code on x trail radio?

By taking the cable off battery putting back on reset code

How do you reset the radio in a 2000 Chrysler Concorde after changing the battery?

get code from dealer

How do you reset your radio after entering the code to many times on your 2001 montero sport?

Me too want to know how!!! I changed battery on my 2001 montero and stunned to see need to enter code on radio in order to work. that is sucks!!!

What is the 1995 c 220 radio code Mercedes?

How to get the 1995 c 220 Mercedes radio code? i just open the Battery and my radio code reset, i don't know the code

How do you reset code accura integra 1997 car radio?

will not turn on with code provided after battery change

Your 1993 Geo Prisms radio is locked after you changed the battery what can you do?

u radio needs a reset code if u do not have this u have to pull radio out and get serial numbers call or go to dealer and they should be able to give u code and proceedure to program it again

How do you reset after changing a 2009 Saturn Vue battery?

There is nothing to reset except the radio presets and the clock unless it has an antitheft radio. In that case you must insert the code for the radio.

How do I reset the radio on 2003 Ford Focus?

I think that disconnecting battery can help you. Of course, you need security code (like PIN-code) after connecting battery again and turning radio on.

How do you reset radio code in Montero sport?

i need to know how to set the radio when you battery goes dead and the radio says code its a 2001 mits monyero sports.

What is the radio code for Citroen relay -battery has been changed...-?

try 3523, it worked on my radio.

What do you reset after changing out a battery on a 2002 Cadillac Seville?

There is nothing to reset except the radio station presets and possibly radio code if the radio has a theft deterrent feature. Nothing else for you to do.

No manual for 1998 Honda crv replaced battery and need code to reset radio?

The code needed to reset the radio is the model number on top of the radio. The you must call a Honda dealer to get the code. If you are the original owenr or have the owners manual, the code may be in the written in the manual. i need to know how to enter the code on the radio the radio reads ERR 3

How can the radio be reset on a 1997 SL600 after replacing the battery if the code can't be located?

Call any delership parts department with the vin# and they can tell you the radio code

What are the radio codes for a 1997 Toyota Camry?

radio code for 1997 Toyota Camry after i changed battery it did not work

How do you reset the radio code in a Daewoo Leganze after replacing the battery?

Turn the radio on. The led will read CODE. Input the four digits by touching each number on the radio/CD facade.

Changed battery interior light stays on radio not working?

By changing the battery, you erased your car's computer presets. Your car probably has an anti-theft radio, that locks when power is lost to it, and requires a factory security code to unlock it. The code might be in a section of the owner's manual, but if you cannot find it, you have to go to a new car dealership and have them reset the radio.

How do you reset the radio when it has a lock on it from removing the battery?

To unlock a radio you must input the radio code. This is done using the preset radio station buttons on the face of the radio. Contact your dealer for more info on your radio code if you don't have it.

How do you reset the radio code in a Chevrolet optra after replacing the battery?

There should be a white card with a radio code on it near your owner's manual. If it is not there, you must call the GM dealer and ask for the code.

Can you reset your factory stereo on your 1992 vw transporter tdi van?

You can reset the factory stereo on a 1992 Volkswagen Transporter TDI van by disconnecting the battery for several seconds. Once you plug the battery back in, the radio will ask for a code. The code is essential in order to gain access to radio functions again. The radio code can be found in the owners manual. If the manual is not available, you can obtain the radio code from a dealership.

How do I reset a 2001 Mitsubishi radio so that I can enter the code?

just disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes

How do you reset radio code for a 1993 190 Mercedes?