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If it's a MKIV Golf.

* Turn on ignition.
* Hold down Right trip button and continue to do so whilst turning off ignition.
* Still with Right trip button held down turn ignition back on.
* Release Right trip button.
* With ignition still on turn Left trip button to the Right and release.
* Turn off ignition.

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Q: How do you reset the service indicator for a golf mk4?
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How do you reset the service indicator for a golf gti mk4?

I believe you can unhook the battery and let it sit for about 5 minutes before hooking it back up. Otherwise you need a VAGscanner to reset the fault codes.

How do you reset the brake warning light on a vw golf mk4 tdi?

how to reset vw golf brake light

How do you reset service light on golf gti mk4?

Service lights can be reset using VCDS software (formerly known as VAG-COM) from Ross-Tech. Alternatively many inexpensive stand-alone fault-code readers are available that will reset a number of other warnings in addition to the service indicator. A well-known auction site is a good source of these.

Is the mk4 golf the same as a mk4 gti?


Is VW Bora faster than VW Golf MK4?

Bora have 2.8 VR6,and Golf MK4 have 3.2.So Golf maybe will win.

How do you reset the service reminder on a 2001 VW Golf 1.6 comfortline Mk4?

You need to push and hold the two buttons on your cluster (speedo) the one to set the clock and the one to reset the (miles per journey) and hold them for 3 to 5 seconds Thats pretty much it :)

Will mk4 golf mirrors fit a mk3 golf gti?

yes they will

Will golf mk4 alloys fit a mk3 golf?

yes as long as they are the same stud fitment. The mk4 golf is 5x100 bolt pattern and the mk3 golf is 4x100. unless it's a vr6 model which has the 5x100 bolt pattern so in general the mk4 wheels will not fit a mk 3.

What mk is a w reg golf?


How can you change an alternator on a golf mk4 v5 do you have to remove the entire front end fan housings rad all?

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Iat sensor mk4 golf?

where is the outside air temperature sensor located on a 2002 mk4 vw golf 1.4 Engine Code AXP? Cheers

How do you reset the service reminder on a 1999 VW Golf 1.6S Mk4?

Press and hold button "A" (positioned right of trip recorder display) Switch ignition ON The word "SERVICE" will appear in the trip recorder display Release button "A" Turn button "B" (positioned left of trip recorder display) to the right to reset the display Switch ignition OFF

When how many miles do you change timing belt golf mk4?

60k, look in the service manual a very good breakdown of what needs to be done when.

Where is the Comfort Control Module on a Golf mk4 tdi? If you look at the second post the guy says where it's located on his mk4 golf. !

Where is the fuse box for vw golf mk4?

You mug. Its in the car!

How many reversing lights on a vw golf mk4?


How do you fit mk4 golf wing?

GM plastic adhesive!

How do you remove glove box on mk4 golf?

very easy first do you have a sister lol : ) is she pretty? Ok let's do it go at youtube and watch glove box removing of golf mk4

What year was the MK4 Golf launched?

The Volkswagen Golf MK4 was launched in 1997. This was an attempt by Volkswagen to move their cars upmarket by offering improved amenities. The car was removed from the market in 2004.

How do you remove steering wheel from mk4 golf?

To remove the steering wheel on a MK4 Golf you need to first remove the plastic emblem in the middle of the wheel. Next, unscrew the bolt and remove the wheel.

Will a mk4 golf gti steering wheel fit a mk3 golf gti?

You need to modify the mk4 steering wheel to fit. Get the 3.5 cabrio wheel. It looks similar and no mods required

When was Golf GTI MK4 presented to audience?

The Golf GTI MK4 was presented to an audience in October 1997. This also depends on which country one was in as there are different names given to this model in China and Canada.

Cleaning egr valve on mk4 tdi golf?

where is the egr valve located on a mk 4 golf

How do you change a position light bulb on a VW Golf MK5?

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Rear golf mk4 brake piston?

What about it? You need to ask a question.