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How do you set the clock in a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird?


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Hello...I believe I can help. With the car on or off, press the SET button. The SET indicator will appear on the screen for only five seconds, so have your fingers ready. Press the SEEK button for the hour...and the SCAN button for the minutes. Good luck.

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Turn the ignion on, turn radio off. Press the "Set" button. Use the "seek" and "scan" buttons to set the time.

a picture of the radio would be helpful

If you are just trying to set the stations in, go to the station you want programmed. Then press and hold the number you want it preset to.

You don't- it's controlled by the PCM. If is has a 2.5 engine you cann't adjust the timing

With the radio turned off, push the set button. The scan button changes the hours and the seek button changes the minutes.

The clock on the radio can be set by two buttons found to the right on the display screen. H for hour and M for minute.

Does your clock have two small buttons marked H and M? If so, those are for setting the clock. Push and hold until they begin to operate. FriPilot

Push the set button and within 10 seconds push the seek and scan buttons to change time.

Turn the radio OFF. You will need to hit the SET button one time. Then use your long buttons on top, (SEEK, SCAN) for your hour and minutes. Good luck!

I had a Saturn and the way I did it was turn the raido off. Then push the left control nob till the clock starts. Push the tunner buttons to get time set.

you first turn on the stereo then hit set and then push the volume button in and using the seek buttons on the stereo set the time.

Turn the radio on and press sel twice for hours and once for mins

Turn off the radio press set adjust hour with scan button adjust minute with search button

turn the raido off and hit the set button, use the seek buttons, up for the hour, down for the min.

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1991-1993 DeVille reset clock in radio on models W/Cassette: 1. Ignition on. 2. Radio on. 3. Press and release "set" button. 4. Within 5 seconds push "scan" button until the clock is at the correct hour. 5. Press and release "set" button. 6. Within 5 seconds push "seek" button until the clock is at the correct minute. Done

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