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How do you set the timing on a 97 Mazda B2300 5sp 2.3 L pickup?

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stand in front of your truck. now locate the first spark plug on the left of your engine. remove spark plug. stick your finger or better idea a screwdriver in the hole. turn timing sproket til piston is at top of shaft. now put on timing belt and start her up.

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What are the timing specifications for a 1993 Jeep Wrangler 4cylinder 5sp fuel injection?

The Engine Control Module sets timing and fuel mixture. It is varied electronically based on driving conditions. After market chip or programming unts may vary the factory settings to increase performance.

How fast can a 5sp ford ranger go?

180 mph

What could cause your 94 3.4 5sp to heat up even after you replaced the thermostat?

clogged radiator, advanced timing, worn water pump, dragging brakes, etc. Usually, the thermostat isn't the real cause of overheating.

Will a 2000 dodge 1500 5sp transmission fit in a 2000 durango auto?


Will Dodge 3.9 5sp tranny fit a 1971 Dodge 318?


How many amp is the generator on a escort 1.9l 1994 man 5sp with no air cond?

`135 amps.

Where is the back up switch for the reverse lights on a 97 Geo prizm with a 5sp?

should be screwed into the transmission case

What could be wrong with my1995 Camaro 5sp clutch went to the floor and it is stuck in neutral?

it might be the slave cylinder

What type of transmission fluid for a 5sp manual transmission 06 silverado?

Syn-torq synthetic transmission fluid or equivalent.

How many 1987 trans am gta dark brown metalic 305 5sp were produced?

Call 1800 PMCARES, they can help.

Where is the Speed Sensor in a 2000 Saturn SL1 5sp?

The sensor is on the transmission above the right drive axle two wires to it

What is the gas mileage for 1992 t100 with a v6 5sp? this out for any cars gas mpg

Does the engine oil of a Nissan sentra95 runs for its 5sp transmission too?

No the lubrication systems are separate. The manual transmission uses gear oil.

How much engine oil is needed for a Toyota landcruiser hzj75 2door utility 4.2l 6cyl diesel 5sp manual 4x4?


What type of transmission is in a 1993 Suzuki sidekick?

a 3sp A/T a 4sp A/T or a 5sp M/T your supposed to tall us, we can see it.

87 yota 4runner 4-cylinder 5sp you have eratic idle when you step on the brakes?

try this link

Will a 5sp tranny out of a 1985 bronco 2 fit a 1986 bronco2 one has a 2.8 and the other has a 2.9 One is carbarated and the other is fuel injected?


Where should the rpm be on a 1991 Suzuki Sidekick when driving at 70 mph?

diff. answer for 3sp, 4sp and 5sp. but 4000 to 4500 is common. if in top gear. if auto in overdrive.

Where is backup light switch on 97 suzuki sidekick?

on the transmssion, no matter which of the 3 (3sp,4ps, 5sp) its really a reverse switch, see? reverse gear engaged switch.

Your 1987 Nissan 300zx non turbo 5sp needs a transmission but you can not find one will a transmission out of another year model work?

Yes it will find one that is a 86 to a 88 or 89 will work for you.

How do you tell what model Geo Tracker you have?

the VIN. and the look? you can see all options. doors, 4wd, 3sp,4sp, 5sp tranny , and the logos. and the tags, many. and the stickers, many. just look.

Where is the fuse block on a 1993 dodge ram cummins 5sp?

Under the steering column under the dash.Under the steering column under the dash.

What kind of battery do you need for a 1990 Toyota 4runner 4-cylinder 5sp?

Min 450cca Battery but try to get as most cold cranking amp in the battery as possible. 675 or 775 series

How do I stop the 5sp shifter being so stiff and still after I put new trans fulid?

try loosening up the bolts on the linkage that connects to the shifter from under the car. If to tight it might cause stiffness

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Halifax Computers is located in the United Kingdom. The exact location of Halifax Computers is 55 Pellon Ln, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX1 5SP, United Kingdom.