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I would take out the lead bend and replace it with pvc.

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Q: How do you solder a closet flange to a lead drain pipe?
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How do you solder a brass closet flange to a lead bend?

I would eliminate the lead bend and replace it with pvc. The lead bend is a ticking time bomb why play with it replace it.

How do you secure a flange extension to a toilet flange?

I normally lead wipe the lead to lead connection using flemico #1 Warrenteed bar solder. If you cannot get flemico try getting 40/ 60 solder in bar form then lead wipe it

How do you remove the broken closet flange from a cast iron drain pipe?

I removed the broken flange by perforating the lead filling between the drain pipe and the flange - i.e., drilling holes every 1/4-1/2 inch or so with a regular drill and then sawing through the filling with a power saber saw. Then pried the flange off with a pry bar. Wasn't as bad as I expected. - Dan

Lead free solder?

Lead free solder is required when connecting copper tubing used for drinking water. For electronic soldering as well as drain pipes in a home, solder with lead works very well.

Solder - lead and tin uses?

it depends on what solder it is but the most common solder has 50% tin and 50% lead

Is solder an element?

No, solder is made of the two elements lead and tin.

Solder is made of tin and lead but what is the other chemical?

Traditional electronics solder also contains resin.

What is the composition of solder alloy?

solder is made by mixing lead and tin together.

What are the disadvantages of lead solder?

it is not awesome.

What does tin and lead equal?

Tin and lead make solder.

How do you move a toilet 3 inches with concrete sub-floor?

If the extisting drain is lead pipe it can be moved about an inch and the use a offset brass floor flange and lead wipe it in place that will give you the 3" you want

Is solder a element or a compound?

Solder is a compound, also called an alloy. Tin and lead are chemically combined to make solder.

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