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I would take out the lead bend and replace it with pvc.

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Q: How do you solder a closet flange to a lead drain pipe?
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How do you solder a brass closet flange to a lead bend?

I would eliminate the lead bend and replace it with pvc. The lead bend is a ticking time bomb why play with it replace it.

How do you secure a flange extension to a toilet flange?

I normally lead wipe the lead to lead connection using flemico #1 Warrenteed bar solder. If you cannot get flemico try getting 40/ 60 solder in bar form then lead wipe it

How do you remove the broken closet flange from a cast iron drain pipe?

I removed the broken flange by perforating the lead filling between the drain pipe and the flange - i.e., drilling holes every 1/4-1/2 inch or so with a regular drill and then sawing through the filling with a power saber saw. Then pried the flange off with a pry bar. Wasn't as bad as I expected. - Dan

Lead free solder?

Lead free solder is required when connecting copper tubing used for drinking water. For electronic soldering as well as drain pipes in a home, solder with lead works very well.

Solder - lead and tin uses?

it depends on what solder it is but the most common solder has 50% tin and 50% lead

Is solder an element?

No, solder is made of the two elements lead and tin.

How do you connect a plastic toilet flange to a lead drain line in cement basement floor?

First, in order to accomplish this task, be sure the plastic flange fits the opening in question. It this is new work and anchor bolts or anchorbolt holes are not already in place, fit the flange to the lead drain line as you want it to go and by this guide, using a cement bit, drill holes in the cement(assuming the basement floor is cement). Two holes are required. After the holes are drilled, force lead inserts into the holes. These are to screw the anchoring bolts into to hold the flange stable. Choose the correct lead inserts and the side drill bit to match. Any hardware store can match these up for you. The remount the flange, through the proper holes in the flange, the ones you used as a guide for the holes, then insert the ancholr bolts and tighten down. It Holes are already in place and no lead inserts are already in the holes, simply obtain the proper inserts, bolts and Voila! do according to the above, simple yes?

How do you move a toilet 3 inches with concrete sub-floor?

If the extisting drain is lead pipe it can be moved about an inch and the use a offset brass floor flange and lead wipe it in place that will give you the 3" you want

Is solder a element or a compound?

Solder is a compound, also called an alloy. Tin and lead are chemically combined to make solder.

Solder is made of tin and lead but what is the other chemical?

Traditional electronics solder also contains resin.

How do you connect two different types of water pipes?

Solder, Flair, flange, threaded, adapters, fusion welding, compression, lead burning ,lead wiping, and a combination of each, mechanical joints, couplings, unions, left and right nipples and couplings dielectric fittings

What does tin and lead equal?

Tin and lead make solder.

Alloy of tin and lead?


What are the disadvantages of lead solder?

it is not awesome.

Why is lead not often used in solder anymore?

One of the most important things to be aware of when it comes to solder is that, traditionally, solder was composed of mostly lead (Pb), tin (Sn), and a few other trace metals. This solder is known as leaded solder. As it has come to be known,lead is very harmful to human beings and can lead to lead poisoning when exposed to large amounts. With the adverse effects of leaded soldering known, some key individuals and countries decided it was best to not use leaded solder anymore. Lead-free solder is very similar to its leaded counterpart, except, as the name states, it contains no lead. Instead is is made up of mostly tin and other trace metals, such as silver and copper. This solder is usually marked with the RoHS symbol to let potential buyers know it conforms to the standard. For more visit

What two metals are in a soft solder?

the two metals that are normally in a soft solder are tin and lead.

Do plumbers use solder?

Yes many types depending on application and lead free alloys as solder by definition means lead. Solder such as 40 - 60 50 -50 60- 40

What are the two alloys used to construct electronic circuit board solder?

Tin and Lead solder is the most common. The international trend is changing as the EU nations are moving toward non lead based solder.

Why is lead-free solder used?

Lead is toxic to humans (causes brain damage) thus when using a solder to join copper water pipes it is best not to use a solder containing lead as this will get into the water passing through the pipes and slowly poison the user of this water.

Is it true that solder is made of tin and lead?

Tin/lead solder is easy and inexpensive to make, however it is not the only alloy used. Very low temperature solder alloys contain other metals like bismuth or gallium. Lead free solders may be pure tin or tin/antimony alloys. Some solder alloys contain small amounts of silver, copper, etc. to reduce the amount of metal from the work pieces that dissolves into the solder while making the joint.Even simple tin/lead solder comes in many different alloys, from 10% tin 90% lead to 90% tin 10% lead, depending on the intended application. Electronic grade solder is 60% tin 40% lead, with low temperature eutectic solder being 63% tin 37% lead.

Which alloy is made from tin and lead?


What is a soft solder made of?

Tin and Lead

What type of solder is used in electronics and why?


Can you solder tin cans?

For food storage, cans should not be soldered due to the lead content in the solder.

Why plumber's solder has a high lead content while solder used for securing electronic components has a eutectic composition?

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