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5 Ways to Stop Your Computer From Crashing

Unfortunately, marked improvements in computer reliability have not eliminated the fact that computers do still on occasion "freeze" or "hang." Or even worse, "crash". However, you can take measures to minimise if not eliminate PC crashes and freeze ups. Here's how.

1. Upgrade to the latest operating system The stability of a PC's operating system is the key to computer reliability and availability. The code used to build the latest versions generally improves on the code woven into earlier ones.

That's usually the case with Microsoft Windows. A test report from eTesting Labs Inc. shows that Windows XP Professional is significantly less crash-prone than the now two generations older Windows 98 Second Edition.

2. Take virus protection seriously New Computer Viruses go into circulation on the internet every day. A virus can erase or corrupt files on your hard drive and trigger a computer crash. Be sure to:

-Install antivirus software and keep it updated.

-Use caution when opening and installing files. Ask yourself if you trust the source of the file before taking any action.

3. Keep your software up-to-date Software companies continue to make improvements to their products after they're released to the public. These updates are packaged in the form of service packs.

Use the Windows Update (US link) feature to automatically download the latest service packs and critical security patches. If you're already using Windows XP, be sure to install the latest service pack available. To ensure that Microsoft Office System applications such as Word, Outlook and Excel have the latest security updates, visit the Office Update site.

4. Use care when installing new programs or drivers Computer problems often arise after adding new programs or drivers. Drivers are small programs that make your printer, graphics adapter, sound card and other hardware devices work with your computer's operating system.

If you have multiple new programs or drivers to install, install one and then make sure your PC is operating correctly before you install the next one. This way you can more easily identify if a particular program has caused a problem.

One advantage of running Windows XP Professional on your computer is that unlike Windows 2000 and Windows 98 , it has built-in tools to rescue your PC from programs that make it behave badly.

5. Provide surge protection and backup power PCs house voltage-sensitive components that a power surge can easily damage. A spike in the electrical output from a wall plug will at minimum shorten the life of your computer. It could also crash and destroy your system, taking all your data with it.

Surge protection devices work as a buffer between the electrical supply in your building and your PC. They are fairly inexpensive especially when compared to the cost of replacing a PC. For a bit more money, a device called an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) provides surge protection as well as a back-up battery to keep your PC running in the event of a power outage. This keeps you from losing data you haven't saved, and allows you to keep working for at least another 10 to 15 minutes.

A slow computer can be as frustrating as one that crashes or freezes. You also might consider adopting a regimen of regular system maintenance. Defragmenting your hard disk, checking the hard disk for errors and deleting temporary files can improve system speed and performance. Using Windows Scheduled Tasks feature is a simple way to automate your PC maintenance chores.

In some cases, the CPU or the video card could be overheating. So check the CPU, GPU, and case fans to see if they are working and adequate.

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Q: How do you stop your PC from crashing?
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