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I have a 2002 Accent. May work on other models. The tools you will need: A #2 Phillips head screwdriver. A Standard head screwdriver. First take out all of the screws in the door panel. There is one in the handle that opens the door, and 2 in the door panel handle. Use the flat screwdriver to pop off the covers. Taking out the door handle is a little tricky. Slide it towards the front of the car and pull out. You might not get it the first try. Once you get the handle out enough, you will be able to see 2 metal rods connecting to it(towards the back of the car). Using the standard screwdriver, pull the plastic piece(either blue or red) towards you and it should unclip from the rod. Next, pick up on the rods and they should come out of the handle. Once all screws and the door handle are removed, you can take off the panel. To remove the door panel, simply pull it off, starting at the bottom of the door and prying your fingers between the panel and the door. You will hear a series of pops. You didn't break anything. If it doesn't come fairly easy, don't pull too hard. You may have missed a screw. Once the panel swings freely on the window slot, get it close to the door and pick up, as the top rests in the window slot. If you have power windows, you will have to unclip the wires going to the switch.

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Q: How do you take off the door panel of a Hyundai Accent?
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How do you fix the outside door hanlde on a Hyundai accent?

I had my 95 Accent handle break. I had to take the inner door panel off. There is a 'c' clip on the inside of the lock for the door. Remove it. There are 2 nuts holding the handle in place. It is very awkward to do. Just don't lose the 'c' clip. It is small.

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firs look for all screws of the door if they are show it, them some times there's more screws hid inside of the plastics so check for edges on the door panel after that take a screw driver and push in to the edge of the door panel and the metal of the door.

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It is not recommended that you replace the wheel bearings on your Hyundai Accent by yourself. Rather you should take the vehicle to a repair shop or to the dealer where you bought the vehicle for servicing.

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Will a 1999 Hyundai accent motor fit in a 2000 Hyundai accent?

yes it will, there are slight modifications with the sides that will need to take place, but it is nothing somone with a moderate back ground in car maitnence cant handle

Would anyone have a diagram of the inner workings of the rear drivers door Lock of a Hyundai Accent 2000 GL as the door wont lock seems the rod that goes to the psrt to lock the door is jammed.?

i would go to your local junkyard and ask them if they have any vehicles that match yours, if so try your luck and take off the door panel and look at the assembly, and take digital picture of everystep you did to achieve it....then when u get back home you will have a diagram to rely on if u need help....hope this helps u

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