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It depends on what kind of car you have. If the key fits in the steering column and you have an air bag, take it to a garage as yu can deploy an air bag accidentally which most cost around$1000

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Q: How do you take the ignition apart to get a key out that broke off?
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What do you do if your key broke in the ignition and you cannot start the car or put it in neutral to be towed?

Call a locksmith. They have the tools necessary to take the lock apart and pop the key out. Or at least they have the tools to pull the key out - perhaps without taking anything apart.

Why will not key insert into ignition?

You broke it.

What do you do if you broke your car key in the ignition?

You must replace the ignition switch if you cannot get the key out.

Your key broke off in the ignition how do you install a new ignition and take the old one out?

Drill it. Or call a locksmith and have them do it. They may be able to pull the broken key out.

How do you turn on a key on to the acc position on a 1990 Toyota celica if the key broke off?

The key to my ignition broke off in the ignition. Luckily, I was able to insert the remainder of the key in the ignition and turn on my car. In order to fix the problem, I had to take my car to the dealer and I am pretty sure they removed it and installed a new ignition "key hole" keyed to my car. It is a 1990, and I believe the problem happened approx 1993?

How do you change the ignition lock cylinder in a 1989 Chevy Cheyenne when there is a key broke off in the ignition and it won't turn?

A locksmith may be able to remove the broke key and make a new one. Or just replace the ignition.

How do you unlock ignition on 96 crown Victoria if the key is broke?

If the key is broken off in the ignition of the 96 Crown Victoria it will have to be picked out. If the key is out and broken, a locksmith can use the broken pieces to make a new key or rekey the ignition.

Any tips for removing a key that has become stuck in the ignition but still turns to the stop position?

Is this in a Ford? LOL have to take column apart and replace the ignition tumbler assy

What do you do if your key is stuck in the ignition of a994 buick regal. the ignition will not turn to the lock position for me to remove the key?

Well, it sounds like the chip that is in your key may have broke or got stuck on a part of the ignition. I had that problem. This happened not long after I had had to have the ignition replaced?!?

How do you start a 1995 Geo Metro if you broke your keys?

I propose getting a new key. If you broke it off in the ignition, well, your best chance is to take it to a lock smith or the dealer. Maybe if you take the broken key to the dealer, they can give you a new one. I am not sure on this though.

You want to take out the key from the ignition key BMWi 2001?

How can I take out the key from the ignition key in a BMW 325i 2001. I can turn on the engine but the key doesn't come out when I turn off.

How can you disable the key in ignition chime in a 2007 ford f 150?

take the key out of the ignition switch.

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