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the only other way to tell the motor size is by counting the number of spark plugs on the vehicle. unless it is a mustang the years that they had the four cylinders they had 2 spark plugs per cylinder

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Q: How do you tell the engine size by looking at the motor not the VIN?
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How do you tell the size of the engine in 1965 dodge coronet?

should be in the serial #, I can tell just by looking at the engine.

How do you tell what size motor your 1976 Corvette had in it?

All 1976 Corvettes were 350ci. The engine numbers will tell you if it's a base engine, L48 or L82.

How can you tell what size motor you have in your 1962 Chevy Impala?

check the engine block casting number

What size motor is in an Oldsmobile Regency?

There should be a decal under the hood with the engine size on it. The 8th digit denotes the engine size. Call a parts house and give them the information and they can tell you.

How do you tell the size of a kawasaki motorcycle engine?

You can tell the size of a Kawasaki motorcycle engine by reading the owner's manual that came with the bike. Sometimes, the size of the motor is written on the bike in cubic centimeters.

Why the gas turbine engine has nose painted with spiral line?

So you can tell if the motor is turning (running) just by looking.

How do you tell what size motor in Ford F-250?

what is the size of motor of Fordf250 1996

How can you tell what size motor you have in your 1963 Thunderbird?

All 61-65 Thunderbirds came with the 390 FE engine. No other engine available from the factory.

Where is the motor size stamped on a 350?

Looking at the engine on the left side just behind the water pump on a flat shoulder is the engine code. You will need to give that information to the Chevrolet dealer and he can tell you about it. You can go to one of the book stores and purchase a book.

Where is the engine number engraved on the engine block?

It depends on the manufacture. The eight digit of the vehicle identification number will tell you the size unless it has had the engine replaced. The engine size is also stamped on the driver's side of the engine block, above the starter motor.

Tell me about engine?

An engine is a motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work.

How can you tell what size motor you got in your 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix?

I'm assuming the engine is still in the car. The easiest way is to get the casting code of the block. It is located back by the distributor. There are several online sites that have these casting codes listed and will tell you what size and years the engine is.

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