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there should be an adjustable tensioner pulley.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-05 22:22:28
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Q: How do you tighten a v belt on 97 caravan se 30?
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How do tighten serpentine belt 97 Saturn SC2?

You don't tighten a serpentine belt. The tension is controlled by a tensioner. If it is loose, then the belt has stretched and needs replacing.

When to change the timing belt on a 97 dodge caravan sport with 3.3 V6 engine?

You don't change the belt because it has a timing chain.

Can you Bypass compressor 97 caravan with smaller belt?

yes you can bypass ac with either a ac bypass pulley made by dorman or get a longer belt

97 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme tighten the belt tensinor?

Belt tensioner is not adjustable. Assembly is spring loaded, spring can loose tension. If belt stretches or is too long (wrong part) then .... (There are marks on assembly to indicate proper tension.)

What would cause engine noise on 97 dodge caravan only when ac or defroster is on and only when accelerating?

Loose belt - will sound like a screeching noise.

Should timing belt tenioner still move after the center bolt is tighten on a 97 escort 2.0L?

yes, you actually dont even have to losen that bolt

Dodge grand caravan 97 carburetor?

A 1997 Dodge Caravan is fuel injected, not carbureted.

What are cylinder numbers on 97 Dodge Caravan?


How do you install a timing belt cover for a 97 Chevy 4.3?

The 97 4.3L engine doesn't have a timing belt.

Will a dodge caravan transmission fit a 97 pontiac sunfire?


97 fiesta 1.3 belt or chain driven?


How do you stop 97 voyager belt squeal?

Change the belt

How do you change a timing belt on 97 Mitsubishi mirage?

what steps do i take to change a timing belt for a '97 mitsubishi mirage

How do i align a timing belt on a 97 Chevy s10 2.2?

The 97 S10 2.2L engine doesn't have a timing belt.

Why would there be smoke under the hood after changing sepentine belt in 97 Ford Taurus?

Sounds like the belt is slipping. Try pulling the belt tighter and tighten up the pulley tighter than you did before. Torque it down pretty good, though not too much. Engine vibration will loosen it.

Does a 97 Dodge Stratus have a timing belt or timing chain?


Will a 97 inrepid tranny with a 2.7 fit in a 98 caravan with a 3.0?


What years of windshields will fit a 97 Dodge Caravan?


Instructions to change sliding door on 97 caravan?

The instructions to change the sliding door on a 97 Dodge Caravan are located in the service manual. This details the dis-assembly of the door and the location of electric components.

How do you replaced timing belt for a 97 BMW 528i?

There is a chain for a 97 528

Will a 99 dodge caravan transmission 3.3 engine fit in a 97 dodge caravan 3.0?

No, the bell housing pattern is different.

How do you tighten a door handle on a 97 Honda Accord?

with a screw driver

Does a 97 opel corsa 1.4 has a timing belt or a chain?

belt driven

Does a 97 caravan have an immobilizer?

Sentry key system, no. Theft alarm, possibly.

How do you quiet lifters on 97 Isuzu Rodeo?

u have to add and tighten them down