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look at your bulbs themselves ....most common problem is good old mother nature ruining the connection between the bulb and the connector...moisture is the common problem.wire brush and contact cleaner will do the trick

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Q: How do you turn off your 91 Honda Accord brake lamp indicator?
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What is brake lamp in Honda accord 1999?

it is an indicator. You need to check your brake fluid or your bulb.

Honda Accord and brake lamp?

the 1989 Honda accord lxi has a brake lamp light on the dashboard, if the brake lamp light is on, this means you have a brake/tail light out or disconnected

Why is the Brake Lamp indicator on in my 1985 Honda Accord what does it mean?

This issue could mean that the fuse on the indicator light is blown. This could also mean that the brake fluid is low on the vehicle.

How to change a brake lamp in 2000 Honda Accord ex?

just had oil change on saturday. no problems. now brake lamp light on 2000 honda accord ex

If the brake lamp light is on a 98 Honda Accord what does that mean?

On a 1994 Honda Accord, the brake lamp comes on when a tail light is no longer working. The burned-out bulb needs to be replaced. The brake lamp will not come on after the bulb is replaced.

Brake lamp indicator on my Honda Pilot?

You need a blub or your brake fluid is low.

How do you reset the break lamp on 1988 accord?

My friend has an 87 honda. If the brake fluid reservior on the 87 is not completely full the level indicator will energize the brake light. Maybe yours is a similar problem. dg_8

What does the brake lamp light indicate on a 1986 Honda accord?

Low brake fluid level or Parking brake not released completely

What does the brake lamp means on the Honda accord 1991?

It means one of your rear brake lights are out. Not the tailights but the brake light(s).

What is the brake lamp light on a 1992 Honda Accord EX?

My 1992 Honda Accord Brake Lamp came on several times after I had the Master Cylinder replaced. Turns out the fluid had gotten low. Once I refilled the fluid level, the light stopped coming on.

Honda accord v6 Brake lamp was lite on?

Check brake fluid level in master cylinder Make sure parking brake is fully released

What does the brake lamp light indicate on a 2002 Honda Accord?

Normally it means the brake master cylinder is low of fluid. But it can indicate another problem.

Why does battery brake and brake lamp indicators come on at same time for a 2001 Honda Accord EX V6.?

It means your alternator is going.. atleast that's what it meant when it happened on my 2000 accord ex.

2000 Honda Accord brake lamp stays on?

It's telling you the brakes need attention. Have a trusted garage check it out now!

1992 Honda accord brake lamp light on what is it?

Check all the brake lights and dont forget the one behind the back window. That should fix the problem.

How do you fix the brake lights on a 1992 Honda Accord LX already changed fuses that didn't wotk?

if it isn't a fuse or lamp problem, check the brake lamp switch on the brake pedal, if you unplug the switch, and jumper the connection, and you have brake lamps, replace the switch...

What does it mean when the brake lamp light goes on in a 2000 Honda Accord SE?

Normally it means the master cylinder is low of brake fluid which also means your brake pads are worn out or you have a leak.

Why is the shifter on my '02 Honda Accord locked in Park?

I took my car to the Honda dealership to have my ignition lock replaced due to a recall, which I thought was the issue. The dealership, however, told me it was due to a faulty brake lamp indicator and charged me $42 for the part and $90 for an hour of labor.

Why would the brake lamp come on in a 1994 Honda Accord DX?

If the brakes are still operating normally, check the tail light bulbs.

Why doesnt brake lamp failure lamp on dash of 94 Honda Accord not reset after bulb replacement?

Remove the negative battery terminal (-) for about 15 minutes and most codes will reset.

How come your dashboard brake light has come on in your 1990 Honda Accord?

check your brake fluid and if that's ok your brake pads'Answer:If the light says "Brake Lamp", it means you have a tail light bulb that needs to be replaced.

What does it mean when the brake lamp light is illuminated on the dash of a 99 Honda Accord?

IT USUALLY MEANS LOW BRAKE FLUID. JOSE It means the brake lamp sensor has detected a burned out bulb. This can also happen if you disconnect your high mount brake lamp to connect the circuit to a spoiler mounted brake light without changing the sensor. -- dws

What does it mean when the brake lamp indicator comes on after pumping the brakes on a 1984 Honda Accord?

Why are you pumping the brakes? That light means there is a problem with the brake system. Check the fluid level and if it is ok, take it to a professional. It can be many things that need to be done. Air in the system, low fluid level, etc.

Why does Accord brake lamp stays on?

Adjustment need to be backed off by the brake pedal!

Does the brake lamp warning of a blown stop lamp do a pretest when the ignition is turned on or to start in a 1984 Honda Accord coupe?

It illuminates in the run position, and should go out after the engine is started. It would have nothing to do with your brake lights being burnt out.