How do you unlock the doors to start the engine if the key remote was lost on a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

Hi... Try looking under the driver side dashboard or under the hood next to the battery for a after market alarm fuse. If you happen to find one PULL the fuse out (do NOT cut the wire's) and the alarm system should be disabled. I drive a tow truck and I run into this problem all the time. Hope this helps. additional info: after reading your question several times it seems that your scenario is that you left your keys in the car then walked away locking the car with the remote which you then lost while away. I mean, if you had the key with you then you just unlock the door and go right? If you lock your keys in your car you have several options: call the police, call a locksmith, or break the smallest window you can find that will get you in. If there was a magic door unlock button on the outside of the car that would kinda defeat the purpose of the alarm and lock.