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First, the cruise control switch on the dash, left of the steering wheel, must be set to the "on" position. Press it; the switch will light when it's in the "on" position (the light is only noticeable if you're looking at it). If memory serves, every time you start the car the cruise system will default to "off," but that's easy to check (the light). Once you reach your desired cruising speed, press the steering wheel button that is labeled (again, if memory serves) "set, coast. It's the lower of the two steering wheel buttons (again, if memory serves), so if the lettering is rubbed off or my recollection of the label is wrong, no matter. In any case, there is no harm in pressing the wrong button. (If you press the wrong button at this point, the system just ignores you.) There will be a very brief lag -- probably about 1 second and 2 mph -- between the time you press the button and the time the cruise control kicks in. Once cruise is engaged, to reset it at a higher or lower speed, press and hold one of the steering wheel buttons until you reach the desired new speed. Upper button is to accelerate, lower button is to decelerate (coast). Hitting the brakes, even lightly, will disengage the cruise setting but not turn off the system. If you do this, you can resume cruising at the most recent setting simply by hitting the upper steering wheel button, as long as you are going at least 30 mph. You can come to a complete stop, use the gas pedal to get back to at least 30 mph and then hit the upper button -- that will work. But if you're going, say 20 mph and hit the button, the system will ignore you. The cruise system does not work for speeds less than 30 mph. The brake always disengages the cruise setting until you re-awaken cruise by hitting either button.

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Q: How do you use cruise control on a 1990 Honda Accord how do you regulate the speed from the steering wheel?
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Honda accord 2000 Cruise control button not working on dash board?

On my 2000 accord the cruise control panel on the left of the steering wheel is out. But the dashboard light still works and so does the actual cruise control. As long as the cc still works its not a big deal.

How do you set the cruise control in 2001 Honda Accord?

To the left of the steering wheel, below the dashboard is a button that says cruise control. Push that button in, the dash will illuminate the cruise control light. Then, as you reach the speed you want to cruise at, push the button on the steering wheel that says "set". When you want to turn cruise control off, simply tap the brake pedal and the cruise will go off.

Can you add cruise control to Honda accord?

Yes, with either a OEM Honda cruise control unit or aftermarket unit.

What controls the gauge cluster cruise control?

The steering is what controls the gauge in cruise control. This is in any car or truck.

Does a 03 dx Honda Accord have cruise control?

No it does not. You can add it though.

Where is cruise control on 2010 Chevy Cobalt?

on the steering wheel

Why won't 2004 accord cruise control set?

Make sure you have the main cruise control button depressed. You will then see a display light indiciating "Cruise Control". After that, just use the normal buttons to set, accelerate, and coast. BEWARE, though. The cruise control button for our 2004 Accord stopped letting me keep it in the depressed position, and I can't keep my cruise control on now. Will let you know once the mechanic takes a look at it.

How do you use the cruise control on the PT Cruiser?

To use the cruise control on the PT Cruiser, turn the cruise control on in the steering wheel. Accelerate to the desired speed and push in the end of the left turn signal knob. The cruise control should then control the speed. To take the car out of cruise control, a person can tap the brake.

What is the on off switch near left of steering wheel?

cruise control

Where is the cruise control module located on a Mercury Sable 1993?

The standard location of the cruise control module is on the steering wheel. In 1993 some models have a side arm that houses the cruise control module.

On a 1997 Town Car the horn and cruise control does not work?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but it sounds like a problem with the clockspring inside the steering wheel column cover if the horn and the cruise control does not work ( the clockspring allows you to turn the steering wheel without pulling the wiring connections to your horn and cruise control switches mounted in your steering wheel )

Where is the cruise control located on a 2004 Nissan Xterra?

The three buttons on the right side of the steering wheel are your cruise control buttons. On, off, and reset.

Where is the Cruise Control module for a 03 Dodge Stratus?

On the steering wheel by the airbag

Where is the cruise control located on a 1996 Ford Thunderbird?

It's on the steering column

Does the Kia Sportage have cruise control?

yes, usually located on the steering wheel

Location of cruise control fuse 1997 Nissan Sentra?

Steering wheel

Does the ribon wire for cruise control come out of the airbag steering circle on 99forester?

Yes, on a 1999 Subaru Forester, the ribbon wire for cruise control is inside of the steering wheel. The same ribbon also controls the horn.

How do you turn on cruise control on 2004 Chrysler Sebrig?

If the car is equipped with cruise control the on/off switch in mounted to the steering wheel, left side of the horn

Where is the clock spring located for a 1995 aerostar cruise control?

The clock spring would be inside the plastic steering column cover ( it allows you to turn the steering wheel without " breaking " the wiring connection to your horn and steering wheel mounted cruise control buttons )

Where is the cruise module on a 1990 Miata?

Side of your steering wheel, and on the switch youll see stamped "CRUISE CONTROL" and "ON-OFF"

Where is cruise control relay on 1994 F150?

The cruise control relay on a 1994 F150 is operated by a switch behind the horn pad and airbag on the steering wheel. The switch will probably need replacement if the cruise control in your vehicle is malfunctioning.

1977 corvette cruise control won't regulate speed Goes to top speed when set?

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Which fuse controls the steering wheel cruise control horn on a 97 I30t?

The horn fuse is under the hood next to the battery. It also controls the power to the steering wheel's cruise control buttons. The fuse is 10 amp.

What is the red light next to the cruise control for on a 1996 Honda accord lx?

a safety break

Where is the fuse for the cruise control on a Nissan Quest?

The fuse for the cruise control for a Nissan Quest is in the fuse panel in the passenger compartment. It is located inside to the left of the steering column.