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the tach i put in my neon has 4 wires, power lights ground and rpm signal. for ground either find a ground wire and tap into it or find bare metal on the car to soldier the wire to. for power find a good power source to tap into, radio, light switch, defrost button, list goes on. for lights, tap into your light switch so when u turn your lights on the tach light will come on too. and for rpm signal do NOT connect it to the coil you will be angry because you will only get 1/2 a signal, unbolt your PCM under the hood and look for a grey and blue striped wire should be bottom left if i remember correctly, it is a hard one to find but gives the correct signal. for more information I found a forum devoted to your topic, enjoy.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 19:21:51
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Q: How do you wire a tach in a 96 Dodge Neon?
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