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How does jealousy influence crime and violence?


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Jealousy is a toxic energy that fuels much of the negative behavior. Jealousy seeks revenge Must crimes of love are linked to jealousy.

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Violence is more a part of crime than a cause of it.

Yes. Any assault is, by definition, a crime of violence.

poverty is causing the crime rate to go up. We try to fight crime and violence when poverty is the main influence. it is all the governments plan check out

Crime of passion is an emotionally motivated crime. It is a crime an extreme emotion. It is often a crime that is because of sexual jealousy.

Poverty influences crime and violence because people with less money will steal items to stay alive and to help themselves feel socially equal. Violence is often associated because people suffering from poverty face more threats and also they are usually not as educated and so violence is okay to them.

The reason Jesus says not to angry is anger leads to jealousy and jealousy leads to violence.

yes. mostly crime is an act of violence and wrath.but sometimes a crime can be some thing to do with getting back at someone.

War, hatred, femine, violence, jealousy

Reduced Violence After Relating Without Violence.

i think they would do a crime out of jealousy so that they can be noticed.

Felony - Capital Crime - Crime of Violence - Crime of Moral Turpitude -

School violence refers to violence and crime taking place within educational institution. School violence refers to violence and crime taking place within educational institution.

Overpopulation, pollution, crime, sectarian violence, political violence, organized crime, religious extremism.

Depends on the crime. A felony, or crime of domestic violence, no.

Jealousy, maybe violence, anger/hate

anger ,jealousy, and hurtful trash talk

Violence or the threat (verbal threat) of violence is considered assault in the United States. The threat of violence is a crime and can result in jail time.

Not familiar the the criminal charge of "CONDITIONAL" violence.

Because violence is violence, whoever commits it. A crime of violence is not restricted to just the male gender.

I don't know about the "degree" of it, but it is classified as a "Crime Against Persons."

Lynn A. Curtis has written: 'Public Policy on Crime' 'Policies to Prevent Crime' 'Violence, race, and culture' -- subject(s): African American criminals, Afro-American criminals, Crime and criminals, Crime and race, Poor, Violence

It dramatically increased both crime and the level of its violence.

If I'm not mistaken, brandishing a handgun is a crime any time.

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