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you may have to slacken the brakes of through the holes in the backing plate also the drum is probably rusted on to the hub

you may have problems gaining access from the backing plate try slackening the brakes at the rear of handbrake in between the front seats so the cables are slack the using copper hide mallet hit the drum at 9 and 3 o'clock to knock the brake shoes in towards centre of drum then see if drum is loose by rotating and listen to see if there is a scuffing noise like its catching on somethng if not try pulling it off if that doesn't do the job then you will need to slacken off the self tensioner through one of the bolt holes its a jagged spindle and it can be found in top left area of the drum you will need a slim flat bladed screwdiver and torch. Wind that back in and then repeat the first process if this doesn't work then you may have a bearing rusted onto the stub axle which is more complicted

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Q: How does one remove the drum from the rear brakes on a Peugot 106?
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