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How easy is it to fit the soft top on a VW Cabriolet?


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2011-09-12 23:24:57
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It's not easey,yet its not too bad. start with aquality cloth top.most supplers will give instructions.MTmanufacturing in Rhode Island supplied my top.there number is 1-401-789 0472,fax 401-7895650.Good luck.

AnswerThe top is only part of the whole project. You will also likely need to consider replacing the pad and sock plus the headliner. Tension cables are also part of the equation. If you have some experience, are handy with tools and/or have a knowledgeable friend willing to advise you, go for it. You can save almost half the price of an upholstery shop job... I was quoted about $1400.00 by three different businesses. It is not a one-day gig. Be perpared for some challenges and spring for the StayLast canvas top if budget permits. AnswerI am currently half way through the process of replaceing all the fabric on an '92. There is some good information in the cabrioletandcabrio group on Yahoo. We took lots of pictures as we carefully took the old one appart. Don't cut the webbing that locates the rear bar just above the rear window. We spent most of one day taking everthing apart and so far have the headliner installed with the foam padding laid over top. Plan on 2 days if you are the type to take things slow and easy which is recommended in this project. So far nothing has been unreasonable do do at home. That said I am only half way done but since most of what I have found online talks about just replaceing the outer part I think it will not be too bad to finish.
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