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How far is Toronto from the US border?

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Roughly 2-3 hours via the Queen Elizabeth Way. Going to the Fort Erie-Buffalo bridge, or the Peace Bridge, is the quickest way to Buffalo, and western NY, plus Pennsylvania.

To go to Detroit, it is about 5 hours via Highway 401 and the Ambassador's Bridge in Windsor. There is a bridge in Sarnia, but I forget what it is called. For the Adirondacks and New England, you can use the Buffalo route, or go east to around Kingston and take I-81 from the 401 over the 1000-Islands bridge.

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How far is the US border to toronoto airport?

The US border line in Lake Ontario runs about 18 miles south of Toronto Airport.

Is Toronto on the us border?

No. Toronto is on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. The US-Canada border cuts across the lake.

How far is it from Toronto airport to closest border?

About 123 km / 76 miles.

How far is Mexico border from US?

Right at the border.

How many hours from Toronto to US?

Downtown Toronto is about 90 minutes by road from the US border crossings at Queenstown /Lewiston or at Niagara Falls. Of course, that presumes traffic is flowing freely, and at some times of the day that is very far from true.

What is the distance from Toronto to the US border?"

Where is the city of Toronto located?

Toronto is located in the country of Canada and in the province of Ontario near the Canadian and US border

How far is the US border from Tijuana airport?

Tijuana Airport adjoins the US border.

How many hours from US border to Toronto?

By car, less than an hour.

How far is Toronto Canada from Niagara Falls NY?

It really depends where you're going from in Toronto, but from Toronto to Niagara Falls is about 1 hour and 27 minutes (without the stop at the border)

How far is mississuaga from Toronto?

The two cities border each other. Mississauga is Toronto's western suburb.

How far did the western border of the US extend in 1850?

As far as it is now.

How far is Winnipeg from us border?

a car ride

How far is Vermont US from Toronto Canada?

approximately 410 miles

How far is England to Amsterdam on plane?

About the same distance as the US to Toronto.

How many kilometers are between Toronto and Mexico?

== Roughly 2542 km from Toronto to the border of the border of the US and Mexico See Related Links == See the Related Link for "Zenith Air Virtual GPS" to the bottom for the answer.

How far is Ciudad Juarez from the US border?

It is just across the border from El Paso, Texas.

How long does it take to drive from Winnipeg Manitoba to Toronto Ontario not crossing the US border?

about 28 hours.

How long does it take to get from the Canadian border to Toronto?

There are more than one border crossing from the US into Canada, so your question is not precise. Also, traffic conditions vary. From the Windsor crossing to Toronto is going to be a few hours, approximately.

Which Canadian provinces or territories do not share a land border with the US?

The following provinces/territories do not share a border with the U.S., Vancouver, Ontario, Niagara Falls, and Toronto.

How far is it from the southern us border to the northern us border?

Greatest north-south distance in the 48 contiguous states: 1,650 miles

How far is the US border from Regina SK?

Approximately 180 kilometers.

Can you use your US tracfone in Canada?

Mine worked throughout crossing the border and in Niagara Falls. It did not work in Toronto.

Does toronto belong to Canada or to the us?

Toronto is Canadian. It is the provincial capital of Ontario. It is on the international border however. The city on the American side of Lake Ontario is Buffalo New York

How far is Toronto zoo from Toronto?

The Toronto Zoo is in Scarborough, an east borough of Toronto.