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How hard is it to change a vacuum hose and where is it on a 96 Grand Am GT?


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2015-07-16 18:06:01
2015-07-16 18:06:01

Its not very hard to change a vacum hose. I can't tell you where it's at because there are about 20 different ones


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Where are the vacuum hose located at on '97 Pontiac grand am? Where are the vacuum hose located at on '97 Pontiac grand am?

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Just pull off the old vacuum hose, cut an appropriate length of the correct sized replacement hose and push it on. If you can't find, or get, the right sized vacuum hose, windshield washer hose is often an acceptable replacement. BTW, it is totally acceptable to replace those hard plastic vacuum lines with rubber vacuum or washer hose.

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The vehicle does not have just one hose. A vacuum leak in any hose can cause low vacuum and the door will not operate properly. The leak could be under the dash or under the hood.

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The best way to repair a vacuum hose on your Chevrolet is to replace the vacuum hose. The vacuum hose is held in place with a retaining clamp on each end of the hose.

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There is no transmission vacuum hose. That is a vent hose.

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