How hard is it to replace the drive belt on a '97 Hyundai Accent?

Shouldn't be hard on any car. If the engine is the same as the 2001 1.6L DOHC it actually has 3 belts plus the timing belt (which is difficult to get at). First belt off is connected to the alternator, which doubles as the tightener pully. Just loosen the pivot bolt (if you can get at it, not too necessary though), the locking bolt, and the tightening bolt, and push the unit toward the engine, pop off the belt. Now both the AC belt and the power steering belts are accessible. Power steering pump is essentially the same drill as the alternator, just no tightening bolt. Here you really do have to loosen the pivot bolt, penetrating oil is useful. The AC belt was made to make your life miserable. You have to get under the car to reach the tightener pully which is just to the front and down from the AC compressor. It's reverse threaded but the design boils down to righty-tighty lefty-loosy. Left pushes the pully away from the belt, etc etc. Penetrating oil is VERY useful here, that bolt is right where it's always getting splashed from puddles and it gets way rusty way fast, so good luck. For the timing belt i'd say go get the haynes manual and don't forget the water pump while your in there. Happy knuckle busting!