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How intensive of a task is it to replace an ignition module on a 1992 Grand Prix se?


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2006-03-26 20:45:53
2006-03-26 20:45:53

It should be the same as on my 91 grand prix se, i had to remove the upper motor mounts from the radiator support, then remove the electronic fans. once you do this you can access the coil packs, they each have 2 5.5mm bolts holding them in, there is a total of 3 coil packs on top of the ignition module. once you remove the 6 bolts, the ignition module comes off. there are 2 connectors plugged into it. once you carefully remove the plugs it comes right out. it took me about an hour.


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ignition what? coil, swicth,module, lock cylinder? gm Jim

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The ignition timing is controled by the PCM (computer), which is located below the master cylender inside the dash panel. There is no separate ignition module.

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where is the ignition control module located on mercury marquis

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Module is located under coil packs at front of engine above starter motor.Label all plug wires, you may have to remove starter to get to it...

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