How is rice rice grown?

Rice is grown all around the world. The type of rice depends on what will grow in that climate and is generally named from the region of which it was grown.
For example. Long grain Rice originated from Long Island. Jasmin Rice originated in Jasmin Taiwan. Brown rice from Africa and so on.
The rice tree is fairly simple to grow given soil conditions and weather but harvesting the rice is another story. Each grain of rice is inside a very hard shell, much like an acorn nut, and they are not much bigger than the single grain of rice. This means it is very time consuming to crack the shell to get the grain of rice. It takes skill and patience, good eyesight and small hands to achieve this. Historically children have been employed to do the work but with new labor laws, well you get the picture.
The shells do not go to waste. Believe it or not the "oatmeal" you occasionally eat for breakfast is actually the shells from the rice cracking process. The origin of "oat" in oatmeal isn't fully understood. Some believe "oat" came from the Swahili word "uuut" which loosely translated means "ouch" in English.