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How is the vacuum on a 89 ramcharger hook up?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-04 18:23:32

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Don't understand the question, all vacuum is taken from the intake manifold, what are you looking for. And is this a turbo or a none turbo

2006-08-04 18:23:32
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How do you hook up vacuum lines on 89 2.8 blazer?

Get manual specific to that vehicle and follow vacuum routings

Where is the water hook up to flush an 89 kawasaki?

where is the water hook up to flush a 89 kawasaki jet ski

Where does the vacuum hook up for cleaning pool?

To the skimmer

How do you hook up vacuum cleaner to salt water pump?

how do you hook up the cleaner to salt water pool pump

How do you hook up the vacuum hoses on a distributor to carburetor?

If it is a point type distributor you will want to hook it to constant vacuum...somewhere on a port in the base plate. If it's HEI you'll want to hook it to one in the carb body. Something that has no vacuum at idle but pulls vacuum as you give it throttle.

Which vacuum port on a eldabrock carb do i hook to the vacuum on the dist the one that has 18 inches of vacuum at idle or the one that is 0 inches at idle but comes up with acceleration?

Your distributor needs vacuum to advance your timing during acceleration. That's why you hook up your line to the port that has no vacuum at idle. :O)

How do you hook up a vacuum gauge to a automotive engine?

hook it up to the intake vacuum, normally the back of the carburetor where the brake booster may be plugged in. On a vehicle without power brakes, the vacuum port is normally plugged with a screw in plug.

Vacuum diagram for 1988 Chevy Nova?

how do you hook up vacuum lines in a 1988 Chevy nova

WHere do you hook up the vacuum lines from the modulator on a TH400 automatic transmission?

engine vacuum or direct into the intake.

How do you hook up the vacuum system if you have a Hayward 210T filter?

The vac system has to hook up the the skimmer not the Hayward filter. k

What does the PCV valve hook up to?

It hooks up to the vacuum ports on the carb or intake.

Why does the pool pump lose it prime when you hook up the vacuum?

If the pool pump is losing its prime when you hook up the vacuum you probably have a poor seal around the suction of the pump. There is probably also a poor seal around the suction inlet in the vacuum equipment.

How do you fix an 89 dodge ramcharger from leaking gear oil from rear?

drain the gearbox, open it up, change your gaskets, put it back together, fill it up, and drive away

Will a 92 suburban 350 hook up with a 89 2500 4spd?


How do you hook up vacuum lines on a 91 civic with a b16a swap?


How do you hook up vacuum lines to a 240sx charcoal canister?

you shove it in the tailpipe feshizzle

How do you do the vacuum lines hook up on a 1995 GMC diesel pick up I want to know how they hook up how you hook him up there all disconnected right now and I don't know how to put them back together?

Go to one of your local parts houses and purchase a Haynes Manual that is specific to you truck. It will have the vacuum routing as well a wiring schematic.

Where does the vacuum advance hose hook up to a holley 650?

Any place that has constant vacuum Usually on the back side at the base of the carb.

How do hook up vacuum gauge 67 gto?

if you cant find a plugged vacuum port on manifold buy a tee fitting and tap into it

How do you hook up vacuum for in-ground swimming pool?

Put a vacuum plate over the top of the leaf basket (usually supplied with the pool) and plug the vacuum hose into it.

How do you check vacuum on 1990 4.3 motor?

hook a vacuum gauge up to any of the rubber hoses that are coming out of the intake manifold, such as the brake booster....

Where does distubtor vacuum hook up on 350 2 barrel?

Connect the line to a source that is above the throttle body on the carb. It should be a source that has no vacuum at idle.

Vacuum advance hook up on 63 Chevy 283 engine?

There should be a vacuum source on the carb above the throttle body that gives spark ported vacuum. You can connect a tube from this source to the distributor.

What is the correct way to hook up a delco 2000 radio too your 89 firebird?

email me at

How do you bleed hydraulic anti lock brakes on a ford 350?

hand operated vacuum pump . hook up and and apply vacuum and open bleeder and keep applying vacuum then close bleeder. repeat x4