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No, the minute you've signed the contract, the vehicle is yours. "Buyer's Remorse" is a myth pertaining to the buyer's supposed legal right to change their mind and return a vehicle after signing the contract. Not at all based in reality! This myth probably stemmed from a stipulation called the "Right of Recission" when refinancing a home loan, which allows the person refinancing a three-day "cooling off" period after signing the refinancing paperwork to change their mind and cancel the refi.


I can't speak for other states, but, in Texas, the Lemon Law only takes effect if the car has been in three times for the same problem within a specified time frame (6 months or a year, I think). Also, it has to be something that renders the vehicle inoperable or dangerous. In other words, if your stereo keeps going out, or your power window is broken, then Lemon Laws do not apply.

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If you live in California and you sign any contract, you will be unable to return the vehicle. In a rare case, I practically begged the manager of a used car lot to unwind the deal. I told him that my wife purchased a car for me prior to my purchase of their car, but I was completely unaware of it. They finally let me out, but withheld a $40.00 documentation fee and a 2.9% credit card surcharge. $178.00 is better than a $6000 used car that I decided that I didn't want. Also, when I purchased the car, I left it at the car lot and told them that I'll pick it up in a matter of days. I guess the unwinding of the deal helped for the simple fact that the car never left the lot and I came back the next morning. It only took me one night to think about the deal and realize that I wanted out. The most important thing is to not let the sales person pressure you into signing anything. Don't listen to 'this car may be gone tomorrow,' 'this is as low as I can go,' 'you will not find a deal better,' etc. It's all bull. It will get you in trouble if you sign the contracts, but you later want out. THERE IS NO WAY OUT AND THERE IS NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Everything is monitored and recorded from the minute you step on the car lot until you go to the back office to sign the 'nail in the coffin' contracts. Before you sign anything, go home and think about it. It will save you a lot of headaches. DON'T SIGN ANY CONTRACTS UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY HAPPY WITH THE CAR!

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Q: How long do you have after purchasing a new car to return if you decide you do not want it?
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