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It can take seconds for a severe life-threatening reaction to medicines to happen, it Amy take a couple of days for less severe reactions to occur.

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Q: How long does it take for anaphylactic shock with medications?
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How do you take care of anaphylactic shock?

Take out your handy epinephrine shot from your purse and immediately stab them with it because they might die. In lieu of the epinephrine pen the best you can do is keep the air-ways open. The primary reason for death in anaphylactic shock is suffocating from constricted airways. Keep the heart pumping with cpr.

What is the treatment for anaphylactic shock?

Adrenaline and an ambulance. to prevent anaphylaxis take antihistamines daily and avoid contact with all allergens you are severly allergic to.

How long does it take to come out of a shock?

It depends how bad the shock is !!

Can you take naproxen and allopurinol together without having an anaphylactic reaction?

An anaphylactic reaction has nothing to do with taking medications together. Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction caused by your body's response to a certain substance. When you eat or take something you are allergic to, you could have this sort of reaction where your mouth and throat swell up and block your breathing. That is what an anaphylactic reaction.There are no known drug interactions between naproxen and allopurinol. Unless you are allergic to one of them, you can safely take them together. Take them with food because they can both be hard on the stomach.

If I have a Codeine allergy can I take oxycodone?

Probably not, but maybe. You need to be tested in a doctor's office for such an allergy. You don't want to go into anaphylactic shock, so don't do any self testing!

How long does it take to rid your body of anesthesia medications?

7 days

Side effect of the fig fruit?

There aren't any major side effects for the fruit but the fig leaf does have a few that can be dangerous if you take too many like conjunctivitis, rhinitis, anaphylactic shock or asthma.

What is anaphylactic reaction to lidocaine?

Anaphylactic shock is the most horrible thing that you can face in your clinical practice. The anaphylactic shock to lidocaine is very rare. when you get it, the patient get collapsed and unconscious. He can not breath. He is chocked due to severe laryngospasm and tracheobronchial tree spasm. His blood pressure falls. So that the pulse can not be felt. What you get is palpitation and tremors. You have only three minutes in your hands to save the life of patients. That is more than enough time, provided you do not loose your confidence. You take out the adrenaline ampule from the anaphylactic kit. You inject half the ampule by intramuscular route in the deltoids muscle of patient. The other half may be given by subcutaneous route, if needed. Within few seconds he regain his consciousness. Then you give injection pheniramine maleate ( Injection Avil) one ampule intravenously. You give injection betamethasone 8 (Injection betnesol 2 ampules) mg IV. All the text books talk of injection hydrocortosone. It takes time to prepare the solution and at time the water for injection may not be available to dissolve the powder. Precious time may be wasted in all this. Betamethasone ( Betnesol) always worked in hundreds of such patients of anaphylactic shock. Betnesol has advantage of very long half life as compared to hydrocortisone. So that there is no rebound anaphylactic shock after few hours and you can safely sent the patient to his home, to be seen next day. Then you put IV line to be on safer side. Give DNS, NS or Ringers lactate and never dextrose solution. Patient is surprised to see the IV line. He does not know about the anaphylactic shock he got. With experience you handle the anaphylactic shock so silently that the other patients in your office do not know that something serious has happened behind the curtain.

What do you do when you have an allergic reaction to eating a pecan pie?

If the symptoms are minor take an anti-histamine like Benadryl. If the symptoms are more serious go to ER and get help. You can go into anaphylactic shock if not treated quickly and properly.

How long does it take for ADHD medications to work?

Most ADHD medications (especially stimulant-based medications) work within twenty minutes of ingesting. However, Strattera can take up to two weeks to work.

If you have swallowed a wasp would you get a reaction straight away?

not sure.. if you are severely allergic from a sting and are known to go into anaphylactic shock i would see a doctor. I dont think it will hurt if it was id take an anti histamine just in case.

How long does it take for a Medicine to dissolve?

It depends on the Medicine. Most medications start to take affect within 20 minutes.

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