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It Does not take long at all if they are exsposed to the weather, the drum is made of carbon steel, which will rust very easly! The only way to keep them from rusting is to paint them, but (VERY IMPORTANT) you do not want to paint the surface that the brake shoes come in contact with, if you do it will cause brake failure. Hope this answers your question.

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2006-04-25 21:22:20
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Q: How long does it take for new drum brakes to look rusty?
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Does a 2002 ford explorer have rear drum brakes?

look through the rim. if it's silver and shiny behind it that's a disc brake if it's brown and rusty looking, that's a drum brake

Why can't i get the drum brakes off a Montero sport 2000?

I have never changed drum brakes before but i have a Montero sport 2000 also. Does it look very complicated?

How do you tell the difference between Rear Drum Brake and Rear Disc Brake?

If you can see the brake caliper and rotor, then it has disc brakes. If all you see is a large drum then it has shoes. If you can see the front brakes thru the wheels, you can identify disc brakes. If the rear look like the front, then they are also disc brakes. However if the rear look much different, then chances are they are drum.

How do you adjust brakes on 1950 dodge coronet?

pull wheel off and then look for a slot in the brake drum on the front of it and rotate drum until you see the gear through the hole in the drum, turn the gear to set up the brakes.

When changing back brakes do front ones need to be done also?

yes that is if they look old and rusty to

What kind of rear brakes are on a 2000 Honda Civic EX?

They will be drum or disk. Just look and see. More than likely they are disk brakes.

Does a 1991 Mazda Protege DX have brake pads or disc brakes?

it either has front disc brakes and rear drum or it has front and rear disc bakes. look for a flat disc in the front and back - those are front and rear disc brakes-they take pads. The drum brakes take shoes.

Can you adjust the rear drum brakes on a 1999 Saturn LS?

Yes, of course you can adjust the rear drum brakes. They should be self adjusting. Every time you back up and apply the brakes they should adjust themselves. If that is not working, look for a small rubber plug on the back of the backing plate. Remove that plug and with a brake adjustment tool, you can adjust the brakes. Search Google for the proper procedure to adjust drum brakes.

What does the drum look like on a Daewoo Nubira?

The Nubira has no brake drums, it has disc brakes on all 4 wheels.

How do you replace the drum brakes on a 2001 Neon?

There are rear drum brakes on the 2000-2003 neons. You will need brake spring tool to change the drum pads. Haynes repair manual, Dodge Neon 2000 thru 2003. Book #30036 This book can answer almost any question and is a must if you work on your own car. Plus it's only $20 Are you sure that your 2001 Neon has Drum brakes? I have a 95 Neon that has 4 wheel Disc brakes meaning that there are no Drum brakes on a Neon.Just look around your rear wheels and see whether they are drum or disc,I believe there is discs on all four wheels on a Neon.

2001 corolla back brakes disk or drum?

Its very easy to spot the difference if you look at the back wheels and see a disc (just like the front wheels ) then you have disc brakes and if not you have drums

Does a 1989 Plymouth acclaim have front and rear disc brakes?

look at it and will be obvious.,most have disc front and drum rear...if not all of them,,,

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