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You will be replaced, as the job still needs to be done. You should keep the employer advised as to your health and treatment that you are getting from your Doctor, and especially "When you will be coming back to work". An employer will appreciate being informed, instead of wondering "whats up with you".

The legal requirements vary from place to place, but a good worker will be less likely to be dropped than a bad one.

According to the US Family Medical Leave Act, you can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period for a documented serious illness. Your employer has to give you a job when you come back. BUT they only have to give you A job when you return, it doesn't have to be the same job. It could have different duties and a lower pay scale. (This is the same law that applies to new and adoptive parents) Smaller companies are exempt from this act.

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2012-04-04 18:53:51
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Q: How long does your employer have to hold your job for you when you are out sick?
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How long does your employer have to hold your job during maternity leave?

It depends if your country has legislation for such things. Many do not.

How long does your employer have to hold you position after you are injured on the job?

IF you qualify for FMLA, then 12 weeks. Otherwise, not at all. If you become unable to perform your job, the employer can replace you. wHETHER YOU GOT INNJMURED ON THE JOB OR AWAY IS IRRELEVANT.

How long does your employer have to hold your job when you are on active military duty?

one year. They must give you a job comparable to the one you had, but not necessarily the same jon

What questions are permitted on job application forms in most of north America?

what position did you hold at your previous employer

How long does your employer have to hold your job if you injure yourself at home?

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How long must an employer hold your job if hurt on the job?

he must keep it open till you are fit to return and why not ,you dont go to work to get injured would your boss

Does sick leave override workers comp?

They are different. If you have a job and take a day for sickness, you are on sick leave, which your employer pays. Your accrue sick leave at your job. If you cannot work for a long time because of injury you get workers comp, which the state pays. Workers comp must be proven.

Does a main employer have to pay earned sick leave if an employee is injured and receiving Workers Compensation on another job?

The employer is not required by law to pay out sick pay while an employee is collecting workman's comp. It depends on the employer though. In some cases an employer may pay earned sick pay to an employee collecting workman's comp. pay as a good will gesture, especailly to an employee who has had a very serious injury and has been a long term employee who has had few or no injuries.

If you once filed for workmen's comp how long does it stay in your record and will a potential employer hold it against you if you apply for a job?

Could some one please answer this Question????

Can a previous employer tell a prospective new employer about how much sick time you used?

The only questions they are "supposed" to answer is How long you worked there and What type of employee were you considered while under their employ for the specific job that you were hired to do. They can verify the amount of pay you made and if you were punctual.

Are employers required to pay sick and vacation leave?

No. If you are working a minimum wage job most offen you will work 20-30 hours a week so your employer doesn't have to give benefits. Even in a 40 hour a week job your employer doesn't have to provide sick leave or vacation time.

Can you sue your employer for mold?

If your job is filled with mold and your employer refuses to take care of it, you need to contact OSHA. If you end up getting sick because of it, you could possibly have a lawsuit against them.

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