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How many Native American tribes are in the Arctic region?


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February 05, 2014 7:06PM

The main people in the farthest north of what is now the arctic regions of the US and Canada are the Inuit (Iñupiat, Aleut and Yupik) related peoples from the Bering Sea to Greenland. There are about 120,000 today. They are thought to have arrived in the area starting in the 1000s. South of them in the western side, and often in conflict with them, are the many different Dene' peoples who speak Northern Athabascan languages (31 different ones). Inland Tlingit live to the north too and they are to be in the larger family with the Dene. There are also Cree and Innu and others who are a Algonquian-speaking peoples. They are to the south and east.

There are many didfernt mays to count how many tribes., so the anwser as to numbers is difficult. There are modern first nation and United Staes tribal organizations, there are linguistic and enthic groupings and relationships and the people have shifted over time. There are about 1.3 million people of native descent in Canada, most in the arctic and subarctic and about 100,000 in Alaska.